Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E7: The Sales Girl
Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E7: The Sales Girl

Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E7 The Sales Girl

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Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E7: The Sales Girl by Vicky Toys

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I’d popped into a new store on the way home from work.  I didn’t really need anything; I just wanted to browse and relieve the stresses of the day.

I wandered the aisles grabbing a couple of skirts and tops to try them on with before heading into the changing area. Instead of individual cubicles with a curtain for privacy, it was open plan, with opaque dividers creating personal spaces.

Stripping down to my undies I hung my trousers and blouse on a peg and slipped into the first skirt. Just above the knee, it would be stylish but warm for the autumn months.  I added a clingy roll-neck top and moved to the large wall mirror opposite to assess the finished look.

My usual indecisive self-took over, and I frowned at my reflection.

“It looks good on you, honestly, just add some boots with a bit of a heel to them.”

I turned to look at my advisor, a smiling, curly-haired blonde stood before me. Sheer black thigh highs and heels were all she wore. She had a blouse on a hanger in either hand while her full curvy breasts stood proudly bare.

“Do you think so,” I asked, whilst trying to keep my eyes on the bubbly stranger’s face.

“Yes; what size are you – I’m a six, try mine if you want.” She dipped a hanger toward a pair of smart black boots lying behind her.

“I’m a five, but if you don’t mind.”

“No, go ahead, sorry if I’m intruding. I’m Vivian by the way.”

“I’m Patty, and thanks for your help.”

I slipped the boots on; the leather was soft and expensive. I could feel the warmth of Vivian’s feet as I pulled the zips up and distant memories, long forgotten, started to rise in my subconscious.

I turned back to the mirror, Vivian was right. My legs looked good, and with the heels lifting my hips the skirt hung so well.

“See, evening or day, that’s a good look on you.”

I nodded my agreement, “Yes, I’m sold, you should get commission,” I giggled.

“One more suggestion, it would look amazing without the bra.”

I could feel my face coloring as the heat moved up from my neck, “Oh,” was all I could manage.

“Sorry, too much? I don’t have much of a filter.”  Vivian only looked mildly contrite.

Suddenly, grabbed by a desire to shake myself up, I pulled the roll neck off and slipped out of my bra.

The girls looked good; 34DD, large stubby brown nipples.   pulled the roll neck back on.

“Good, eh?” A broadly smiling Vivian had moved to stand alongside me at the mirror, “They look awesome.”

The clingy soft roll neck was hugging my curves, tenting over my rigid nubs, “Yeah, they do, thanks.”

My eyes were drawn to Vivian’s breasts, her pale pink nipples now engorged and rigid. I could feel my pussy moisten.

Our eyes met. “Let’s get out of here and maybe have a drink?” I smiled at the bubbly stranger who was igniting such long-dormant desires within me.

We dressed and I took the bra off, letting my girls move around under my blouse.

Vivian had a short skirt and a snug chunky knit sweater, and her legs looked amazing in her boots.

We paid for our purchases and headed for a wine bar across the way.

We took a booth in a quieter corner of the bar and started to chat. It turned out that we had a lot more in common than just big boobs. We both enjoyed modern country music and loved espresso martinis.

I worked as an office manager for an insurance company nearby, and she held a similar role for a planning company.

More importantly, we were both in a relationship.

As we got to know more about each other, we worked our way through a charcuterie board and an assortment of olives with freshly baked bread. Plus, several more Martinis.

In almost no time the evening had passed, and we had chatted like longtime friends, giggling and indulging in smutty innuendo, like a couple of naughty teens.

Reluctantly I commented that it was nearing closing time, and we would have to wrap things up.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m really not ready yet. We could grab a cab to mine if you’d like?”

Vivian’s eyes were firmly fixed on my tits, as she made the offer. It was all too obvious that she had more than coffee in mind.

I let our eyes meet, holding her gaze, as I slowly raised my hands to cup my breasts through my shirt before pinching and stretching my nipples.

Vivian smiled and made a show of licking her lips, and then raised her sweater giving me, and anyone passing a clear view of her long, swollen nips and firm smooth orbs.

Moments later we were in a cab heading to her place. I’m sure the cabbie could smell the aroma of aroused horny woman as he drove. His eyes spent more time on his rearview mirror than on the road ahead. Hardly his fault as we spent the entire journey with tongues locked and pawing at each other’s tits.

Pausing just long enough for Vivian to pop her door lock, we stumbled into her apartment.

I stepped out of my heels, almost toppling as I was pulled toward the living room.

Vivian’s apartment offered some stunning views of the town and nearby river.

Did I take any notice? No. Did I care? No. My eyes were fixed on Vivian, as she pulled her sweater off before dropping her skirt.

She stood before me in a visibly wet red thong, those sheer black thigh highs, and of course those sexy black knee boots.

“I’m rather overdressed,” I observed. Even to me, my voice sounded dry and wobbly.

“Yes, you are, so fix it, girl.”

Very slowly I started to unbutton my blouse, starting at the bottom to keep my tits hidden as long as possible.

As the last button popped, I shimmied, letting the girls peek from behind the fabric before moving on to unfasten my trousers.

Kicking them off, I stood there in an equally wet thong and a white blouse that parted to flash my tits with every move I made.

Vivian had pulled her sodden thong aside and was openly rubbing her pussy.  She was wet, audibly wet.  Sticky sucking sounds accompanied her fingering.

I gazed on. In college, I had fucked lots of girls. My roomie had made a move one drunken evening, and I went with my curiosity and never looked back until college was over.

My memories were coming alive, and my cunt already was. I could feel my juices running down my thigh.

Stepping forward I knelt before Vivian, gripping her hand to stop her fingers from moving.

Nuzzling her wet swollen slit I flicked my tongue across her fingers, taking my first taste of her tangy nectar.

Vivian moaned aloud as I pressed my face into her pussy, letting her juices dribble down my chin.

Cupping her arse cheeks in my hands, I knee-walked forward until her legs were against her couch.

Slowly I pushed, toppling her until she rested with her arse on the edge of the seat.

Again, we locked eyes, ensuring that we were on the same track.

I tugged her thong down her legs and saw that the lacey red scrap of cloth was coated in her thick cream.

I left the thigh highs and boots in place; she looked so fucking hot.

Draping her legs over my shoulders, I leaned forward and attacked her cunt.

I peppered her lips with kisses, I licked her lips before sucking them into my mouth.  I flicked her clit with my tongue before forcing it between her folds.

My reward was a face coated in tangy girl cum. She had one of the wettest cunts I’ve ever played with, every tremor seeming to release another trickle of cum.

When I slid two fingers deep inside her, she bucked and groaned, her heels drumming against my bare back.  I could feel her heels scuffing my skin, the slight pain driving me on.

Eventually, I drove her over the edge, and with a neighbor waking screaming, those warm nylon-clad thighs clamped around my head.

I couldn’t move.  I swallowed all that I could, but my face was coated, and thick creamy cum dribbled from my mouth.  It was even up my nose, making breathing an effort.

My hand lightly slapped her thigh until she relaxed her grip on my head.

Released, I dabbed at my eyes and nose as I sucked in a deep breath.

“Holy fuck, Patty, that was amazing, I just knew you were a girly girl at heart.”

With breathing re-established, I moved to sit beside Vivian.

I watched as her body relaxed from its high, her skin and eyes glowing from her huge cum.  A deep wave of satisfaction passed through me.  I still had it if I wanted to use it.

Vivian took my hand.  I could see her kitchen clock; it was just five hours since we’d met and yet I felt so close to her.  Part of me wondered if this was genuine passion or just a desire to fuck and be fucked.

I looked at my new friend’s face, the curly blonde hair, the piercingly bright blue eyes, the smooth, blemish-free skin.  She was quite stunning.

A broad smile engulfed her face, and my heartbeat faster.

Standing, she turned her back to me, bending forward to unzip her boots.  She bent far more than was necessary, ensuring that I got a close-up of her gooey cunt and neat pink pucker.

Turning back to face me, she placed a foot on the armrest, the action opened her cunt wide, releasing another trickle of cum.  Slowly she teased her stocking down.  My cunt throbbed in response.

She repeated the action with her other leg, another gape, another trickle, another spasm of anticipation from me.

Vivian knelt before me in the same spot that I had occupied minutes before.  This time it was my turn to have my skimpy thong removed.

I could feel the warm damp cloth passing over my bare toes as Vivian tugged it free.

Our eyes met as she raised it to her nose, inhaling deeply before licking my cum from it.

“Oh, you smell and taste delicious, I can’t wait,” she sighed as she crawled to straddle my lap.

Her hands slipped my blouse from my shoulders, before she gripped my nipples, tugging and stretching them mirroring my lustful actions in the bar.

“Oooooooooooh Fuck yes,” I moaned in approval of the abuse.  My nips are hotwired to my clit, and any pain there triggers so much pleasure in my core.

“I knew you’d like that,” Vivian smiled in delight before slipping her hand between my thighs and plunging a finger deep between my folds.  Ordinarily, it might have hurt but I was so wet she could have put her entire fist in, and I wouldn’t have cared.

I surrendered to her, slipping sideways to lie along the couch, legs spread, one foot on the floor, the other over Vivian’s shoulder.

With her fingers stretching and fucking my aching cunt, she went back to sucking and licking my breasts.  Teasing my tender tit flesh before her teeth grazed my nipples and then her warm wet mouth sucking for all she was worth.

Adrift in a sea of pleasure I rode one orgasm, and then the next.  I couldn’t say how many times she made me cum, or everything that she did; my eyes were closed, my mind freewheeling.

I slowly focused on her lips, sweet with wine, they locked with mine as our tongues met.

Breaking away, she gave me a knowing look, “I reckon you can manage one more cum, a real doozy,”

I had my doubts but nodded my agreement.

With that Vivian stood, still holding my ankle to keep my legs apart.

A series of swift stinging slaps hit my throbbing cunt lips.  Nobody had done this since college, yet she knew instinctively what I needed.

I bucked and moaned in delight, an enormous cum building from deep inside me.

Just as I thought I could take no more, she pulled her masterstroke.  At some point, she had tucked a stocking deep inside my cunt, and now she slowly pulled it out.  The rough lacey band dragged across my lips and clit.

She literally blew my mind, short-circuited my body, fried my cunt.  I spasmed, screamed, and bucked as I let go.

It took me a while to float back to earth, to find myself cradled in Vivian’s arms, a throw pulled over us.

My body ached, my pussy was tender, but in such a good way, I hadn’t felt so alive in years.

“Welcome back gorgeous,” Vivian smiled down at me, “How about a warm shower, and then bed.”

We shared the shower, tenderly soaping and caressing each other, mindful that we were both rather sore and abused.

Vivian took me to her bed, and we snuggled like lifelong lovers, spooning with a familiarity we shouldn’t have had.

Now we stay over most nights of the week, either my place or hers.  It’s just nice to give the neighbors some respite.

Next month we’re moving into our own place.

I always take Vivian shopping with me, and like her, I seldom wear a bra these days.  She confessed over breakfast that first morning that she had fallen in love with my girls as soon as she saw them in that changing room and decided to try her luck.

I’m so happy that she did.

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