Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E2 The Video Chat

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Vicky Erotic Tales Podcast

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Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E2: The Video Chat by Vicky Toys, Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction

Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E2: The Video Chat by Vicky Toys

#Erotictales #lesbianstories #threesomestories #eroticliterature #sensualliterature #arousingliterature #sexytalks #naughtytalks #sexychronicles #eroticfiction

My boss, Julianne Billing, sits in her pristine gray and yellow home-office completely unaware of what I have going on under the table. It’s thrilling to tell the truth. 

I’ve never done anything like this before – hadn’t much considered it an option really – but when the video chat tone started going off right as I was getting close, I made the rash decision to throw on a shirt and answer. It wouldn’t be odd for me to look a little disheveled for our video meetings since starting to work from home but usually I’m not naked from the hips down with a vibrator inside me. And, usually, it’s a lot easier to ignore the pretty curve of her lips with her signature bright pink lipstick during work meetings. And the way her eyes crinkle in the corners when she tells bad jokes she thinks are funny. 

Now, I’m having trouble staying on topic as she tells me about the new project she’s putting me on. In my defence it’s near impossible to concentrate on anything but the steady rumble inside me and the fresh wetness pooling between my legs. I rock forward to shift the vibrator to a different spot. When it presses so perfectly against me I have to cough to hide the moan that tries to escape. 

“Goodness, that didn’t sound good,” she says worriedly after my coughing fit, “Are you feeling alright?” Always the concerned mom-friend. 

I nod, “Fine, fine, sorry about that, just a tickle.” She watches me closely for a moment longer and I can’t help but imagine her with that same intense expression as she hovers over me in my bed. She would probably enjoy being on top, she looks like the type, acts like it despite her soft, peppy aesthetic; would definitely enjoy her atop me, maybe grinding on a vibrator between us. 

I push the scene aside, and the pulse of hot desire that flows through me, when she clears her throat and gets back to arranging whatever papers she has on her desk. 

Julianne glances at the screen, at me, and clears her throat again, “Well, that’s just about everything I needed to tell you. Do you have any questions?” 

I move my hand between my legs where she can’t see, ready to give in to the building sensation inside me but not wanting to see her go just yet. “Just one,” I answer, sliding my finger between my warm, swollen folds, “How have you been staying sane this week?” 

She pauses, blinks at me; I have to admit I love catching her off-guard. There’s a pinch in her brows as she tilts her head curiously but she answers anyway, “You know, the usual stuff, keeping my apartment in order and taking care of my dogs and stuff. You?” 

“I work out a little, get my heart pumping often,” I say; it’s not a lie, masturbating is essentially a work out. And my heart is sure beating fast as I circle my clit and think about pink lipstick stains on my skin, a trail down my neck and a smear of it on each of my breasts. 

“That’s good,” she smiles, “I have to admit I’d get next to no exercise if I didn’t have to walk my dogs.” The laugh she gives me is soft and a little guilty but I love it just the same. 

I don’t say anything back, focusing on keeping a pleasantly neutral expression while I work myself closer. 

“Anyway,” she tucks a bit of dyed-blonde bob behind her ear, “I should let you go, you’ve got some work to do now.” 

“I do,” I grin at her, “Have a good day, Julianne, don’t work too hard.” She smiles back at me, laughing again but it’s bigger this time, “You too, Mell.” 

I let her sign off first and as soon as the screen changes back I prop both my feet onto the edge of the table and get my other hand in on the action too. I run the tips of two fingers between my legs, coating them in my ample wetness before sliding them both into me. The bottom of the toy isn’t far inside so I push it further until the upward stretch is almost too much and then curl the tips of my fingers into the sweet spot it had been pressing against. 

My body rolls into the sensation. I work my clit faster, letting my body rock as much as I can as I rub my fingers against my g-spot over and over. 

The scene from earlier comes back but now Julianne is moving her lips down farther and farther until her warm mouth is around my clit, her lips soft and her tongue insistent. I moan, flicking my clit like I imagine her tongue would. 

I sink into the motion, let myself drown in the thought of her pleasuring me, and soon the growing intensity of my orgasm is reaching its height. I clench tight around the toy and my fingers until the vibration and pressure is too much. 

I come with a choked cry as searing white waves course through me; my orgasm goes on and on and it’s all I can do to keep my fingers moving to work me through it. When I finally stop to let myself relax it’s almost too much to pull the toy, still vibrating, out of me as it sends another wave of painful pleasure through my body. 

I’m panting after, slouched over the chair, wondering when I’ll be able to safely see Julianne in person again. All this isolation – and my not-so-new desire for her – has me itching to get well within six feet of her. 

A while later I get a text from her saying that was fun Mell but I want to see you NOW! I text back all in due time babe 😉 

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#Erotictales #lesbianstories #threesomestories #eroticliterature #sensualliterature #arousingliterature #sexytalks #naughtytalks #sexychronicles #eroticfiction

Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction,

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