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How to maintain a healthy and enjoying sexuality life as you age by Vicky Toys

Sexuality in older adults: Tips for Older Men

As you get older, sex is no longer like it was when you were 20, but it can still feel satisfying. Unlike common myths, sex isn’t just for young people. Many older people continue to enjoy their sexuality into their 80s and beyond. Go:

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El significado de sexo positivo por Vicky Toys

¿Qué significa “sexo positivo”?

Eres #sexpositivo si enfatizas la apertura, las actitudes sin prejuicios, así como la libertad y la liberación tanto sobre la #sexualidad como sobre la #expresiónsexual. Ir a:

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No por alzar la voz nos van a oír mejor por Ubuntu Cafe

El grito, una forma de comunicación en muchas familias

El #grito sobreexcita nuestro #cerebro, nos pone en alerta y atenta contra el sutil equilibrio de nuestras emociones. Lamentablemente, esa forma de comunicación hiriente basada en un tono de voz siempre elevado es algo muy común en el seno de muchas familias. Así, el malestar y las agresiones invisibles impactan en unos y en otros dejando secuelas muy profundas. Ir a:

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Cultural implications of Bitcoin by BitcoinSimple Club

The culture of Bitcoin

At a breakneck pace, consumer finance is becoming irreversibly embedded in #digitaltechnology. A new McKinsey survey shows over three-fourths of Americans use some type of digital payment platform. By next year, according to Statista, around two-thirds of Americans are expected to use #digitalbanking. Increasingly, one participates in the economy at the pleasure of those running its infrastructure, giving those in charge of that infrastructure tremendous power to shape and punish behavior. They are taking advantage. Go:

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Animal Crossing by Ubuntu Cafe

Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

Well, now we know why Nintendo wanted to save #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons’ new content announcements for their own, special 20-minute #NintendoDirect: There’s a lot that’s coming to the game, both free and premium, on Nov. 5. Go:

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