Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E7: The Sales Girl
Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E7: The Sales Girl

S1 E5 Party at the beach

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Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E5: Party at the beach by Vicky Toys

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Megan was our host, Kimberly’s cook. A sexy twenty-year-old nymph that had seen me naked for the last four days as I lay out by the pool, walked the short beach, or through the house. She was an island beauty with mocha skin, black eyes, and cornrowed hair in braids. Her body was always covered in a loose tunic, bare underneath though I had not seen her other assets yet.

Megan cornered me a few times during our visit, and we kissed. Yesterday she caught me in the kitchen and pushed me against the wall, slipping her fingers between my legs and teasing my clit. I moaned into her mouth, pushed her away, and ran from the room, thrilled but shocked at her boldness.

Tonight, she was attending the party, finding me, pulling me to her into a dance. We were dressed similarly in thin tunic dresses and bare underneath. As we danced, our attraction grew strong. Megan was rubbing against me, with only our thin dresses separating us. I could feel her hard nipples and the heat of her pussy pressing against my thigh. We locked eyes, kissed more deeply, and began to grind harder on each other.

Megan pulled away, looking at me. I shivered as I looked into her lust-filled eyes. “Come with me,” taking my hand, pulling me outside by the pool. Megan held me tight and kissed me hard, then quickly pulled my short tunic over my head, dropping it on the lounger beside us. I stood naked, shaking, then reached down and pulled the tunic off her succulent young body.

We looked at each other, lust overtook us, and we pressed our breasts together, feeling our nipples poking into each other’s skin like bullets. Our breathing became rapid as our hands roamed all over. Our kisses grew more passionate. Lust took over, and there was no turning back. What was happening inside the house meant nothing to us; the two of us were all that mattered.

Megan stepped back and gasped, “Oh God, girl, I need to fuck you now.” She took my hand, and we ran, stumbling our way through the sand and grabbing each other until we came to the water’s edge and collapsed in the small waves holding each other tight, kissing passionately as more small waves spilled over us, caressing our bodies.

The woman lover in me took control, and I felt pure lust for this nymph. I pushed her back on the sand, ready to show her how I felt, when another small wave crashed over us, wetting us completely.

My mouth found Megan’s, and we kissed with great passion. Megan moaned as her legs spread wide, welcoming me between them. I slipped down until our mounds pressed together, and I began to grind my wet mons against hers, fucking her in a kind of a throbbing motion.

Soon, I was moaning, as was Megan. We kissed again, then I slipped down her body, kissing and tasting the salt water on her skin as another small wave wet us. I took her nipples in my mouth, first left, then right, sucking them, nipping them, biting them as Megan whimpered, putting pressure on my head, urging me to move further down. I resisted; I was not finished playing with her breasts.

After more urging, I slipped down, and my breasts and mound rubbed against her salty skin on the rough sand, sending sweet sensations through my body. I kissed down her chest to her tight young belly, and my tongue teased the tight knot of her outie belly button. I moved down, kissing and nipping her salty skin above her mound.

Megan spread her legs wider as she began moaning and squeezing her firm full breasts. I licked her open slit and looked up at her. Our eyes locked, and above the noise of the surf, I said, “Megan, I am going to fuck you so hard you will explode coming harder than your young body has ever experienced!”

I needed no reply as I pushed her thighs apart, and her hips rolled forward. I lay the tip of my tongue on the tight bud of her asshole and rimmed her. Megan moaned and shivered as I tapped her star a few times, then licked across her taint, finding her hot open hole, pulsing, wet with her sweet cream and salty water. I teased her opening, making Megan moan loudly. I continued my travels, slithering my tongue through her meaty lips and separating them, finding her hard bean peeking out from its hood.

I flicked it, making Megan moan in her sexy island voice, “Oh God, mam, yes, please suck my clit, make me cum.”

Who was I to refuse her request? I closed my lips on her clit and sucked it as I tapped on it with my tongue, knowing that Megan would soon explode. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and fucked her hard, driving my fingers into her hot center. Soon Megan was mumbling local words I did not understand, but I knew what they meant. I sucked her clit hard, lathing her with my tongue as my two fingers found her G-spot and took her to heaven.

Megan grabbed my head as her hips bucked against my face, and she exploded. I pulled my fingers out, and my mouth quickly covered her whole mound as she squirted stream after stream of her cream, filling my mouth full. I swallowed as fast as I could, but her cream spilled out of my mouth and mixed with the small waves as they covered us with warm salty water.

Young Megan collapsed back on the sand, gasping for air as I laid my head on her rising belly, feeling her rapid breathing slowly calm. My job was done. I had fucked the beauty to an incredible orgasm that she will never forget, and neither will I.

A larger wave crashed over us, and we knew the tide was rising. Megan pushed me away, stood, and pulled me up. “To my room, mam; I need to fuck you now.”

We ran along the sand to a small cottage beside the big house. We stopped at the outdoor shower to wash off the salt. We embraced and kissed passionately. The cold water shook me out of my sexual haze. I had a sudden thought of my husband, where was he? Did he know? Was he looking for me?

Megan shook me back when her fingers worked between my legs into my hole. I spread my feet and rolled my hips forward, leaning back against the wall, letting her take me. All thoughts of my husband cleared from my head.

Megan leaned against me, kissing me as her fingers fucked me. My breathing was ragged as I wrapped my arms around Maris, holding her tightly. She turned the water off and pulled me, dragging me inside. She quickly dried me and herself and pushed me to her bed. I fell back, and she crawled over me like a cougar. She looked down into my eyes, “You are so beautiful, mam; I need to love on you now. Please accept me as your lover and let me pleasure you.”

My God, what a declaration! I was speechless. My heart was beating wildly. My body was tingling, and my pussy was so wet that my leaking cream ran down my crack over my asshole.

I reached up and pulled Megan down, kissing her and surrendering myself to her.

I must say, beautiful, sexy women have laid me this week, but none of them could compare to the soft, sensual loving I received. I came for more than an hour, finally crashing into sleep with my beautiful lover lying on me, warming my whole body with hers.

Sexual heaven could not be better than this.

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