What is Eroticism by Vicky Toys dot com
What is Eroticism by Vicky Toys dot com

What is Eroticism?

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What is Eroticism? by VickyToys.com

#Eroticism is the provocation of sensual desire through imagination, #fantasy and sensory stimulation. It is identified with pleasure.

Eroticism is a characteristic trait of human beings par excellence because, unlike other animals, people mate for #pleasure and not only for reproductive purposes. Therefore, eroticism is independent of the instinct of reproduction.

The word eroticism comes from the union of the Greek term #eros, which means ‘love’ or ‘sexual desire’, with the Latin suffix ism, which means ‘action or activity’. Eros is also the name of the Greek god who was considered the god of attraction, #love and #fertility. This god was called Cupid in Roman mythology.

Human Sexuality

Eroticism shows that human sexuality is a complex phenomenon, made up of a symbolic, affective and psychological universe. This fulfills a psycho-affective function. Vickytoys.com: #SexToys #AdultToys #EroticToys #DiscreetShipping #FreeShipping #BitcoinsOnlineStore #BitcoinAcceptedHere

The subject of eroticism has been abundantly addressed in art and literature. For example, in One Thousand and One Nights, several of his stories describe erotic scenes. The same relationship between the Sultan and Scheherazade, protagonists of the story, contains erotic elements. Another example in art is found in the painting The Swing, by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

What is Erotic Intelligence?

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