Perfectly Angled Mirrors – An Erotic Story

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Erotic Story, Free Erotic Tales, sensual, passion, desire, seduction, intimacy, pleasure, fantasy, erotica, steamy, love,

#EroticStory #FreeEroticTales #sensual #passion #desire

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I was in France for a week-long training at our satellite office. I stacked it after two weeks of vacation in Europe and was happy this last stretch of the trip was going to be solo. I had had enough of constant traveling, socializing and obligatory family visits (first world problems, I know). My boyfriend has been with me up until now, but it wasn’t the most romantic trip when he ended up in the ER with a stomach bug. He was wiped out, but still his sweet self and I found myself wishing I could be his naughty nurse. 

We had a simple kind of love, conservative on the surface and comfortable enough to start exploring new things. Before he got on his flight back home, he handed me a plastic toiletry bottle. Inside the bottle were 14 rolled notes and I was to open one each day we spent apart. I told you he was sweet. Not only was he sweet, he was naughty too. Over the course of those two weeks, day by day, the sexual tension grew. The “I miss you” texts became “I can’t wait kiss you” texts that became “I can’t wait to fuck you” texts. 

I enjoyably spent a lot of time in the room I was renting in a charming villa. The building was hidden behind massive trees, with doors and shutters painted red – a staple characteristic of houses in the Basque region. When you walked through the front door, you were confronted with a wooden spiral staircase and living room to the left. The living room was decorated with interesting items from all over the world. It had a marble fireplace, velvet couch, coffee station and – the cherry on top – jazz music coming from the record player. It was sexy, an erotic contrast from the ever-so-sweet room I was in that had pink floral wallpaper, a boho macrame chandelier and mid-century modern chairs. My favorite part? The mirrors. 

The symbolic innocence of that room coupled with sun-kissed skin and a little too much alone time inspired me to start taking naughty pics. I hadn’t done this in years and it made it even that much more exciting. The first time I used the bathroom, I laughed while washing my hands because the mirror cut off my head completely. My host was about five foot nothing and I was a foot taller than her, so it made sense. But from the bed, I could see myself perfectly in the bathroom mirror. And on the inside of the bathroom door was a full-length mirror, so if I swung it all the way open, I again had another angle of myself on the bed. The last mirror in the room hung about three feet above the bed and was no bigger than a wall calendar. 

One morning I woke up to a brightly sun-filled room and as I was leaving the bathroom, noticed how good my ass looked with the sun hitting it from behind and outlining my silhouette. I considered it one of my best assets, bubbly and proportionate to my body with a nice giggle. I grabbed my phone and started taking pics in the mirror of my ass – first with my body turned slightly more than 90 degrees so I could catch both cheeks and my crack, then turned a full 180 while grabbing one ass cheek, and finally facing forward with my hand covering just my pussy. I decided to send him the first one and when he woke up around 3PM my time, he responded saying I made him hard and that he was one lucky man. He was going to get a lot luckier.

The third night of my stay, the fire alarm went off at 3 in the morning. I walked into the hall and was met by a middle-aged man in a cotton PJ set across the hall. I asked if everything was okay and he responded in French. It was a good way to meet my temporary neighbors but I was awake with little chance of falling back asleep. I called my boyfriend because it was dinner time back home and it was otherwise hard to catch him with the time difference. He answered, we chatted about our days and it grew into flirtation. He started talking about how he loved the picture I sent him and how I better not send anymore or else I’d rile him up too much. I played along, asking him what would happen then. He said he’d have to start stroking his dick to my pictures. “And what if I were there right now, then what would you do?” I asked. I could see he wanted to engage, and I knew I couldn’t say anything too filthy because I shared a wall with another house guest. 

“I’d bend that ass over the bed and watch that ass jiggle as I spanked you…”

“Then I’d get down and kiss that sweet ass slowly with a bit of tongue…”

“And place my hands lightly over your pussy, letting you know I was about to please you…”

I thought he might stop there, but he had some pent-up sexual tension and I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop him.

“I’d start rubbing your clit with my thumb and use my other hand to spread that ass so that I could eat you from behind…”

“Swirl my tongue from your clit, to your pussy, to your pink asshole…”

I loved the thought of being wet down there and the cool sensation you first get when someone licks you. It was making me wet.

“I’d take my dick out and start rubbing the tip against your hole and rubbing it against your pussy through the little gap below it…”

“You’d be begging for more, wouldn’t you? You love this dick inside of you…”

He wasn’t wrong, and he could hear me moaning lightly on the other end of the phone. My fingers had made their way under my panties.

“Okay baby, if that’s what you want I’ll give it to you. I’d spit on my dick and wipe the remainder on your pussy…”

“I’d enter your tight pussy slowly but deeply…”

I loved the sensation of that first pump when he filled me up.

“I’d start fucking you harder and faster and reach around your body to play with your hard nipples…”

“I’d move one hand down to your dripping pussy as I continued to fuck you in long strokes…”

“And rub your clit in slow circles…”

My eyes were closed and I could feel myself climaxing. It’s a magical feeling the moment physical touch turns into those butterflies that indicate that you could cum.

“I’d slow it down but fuck you deep, I know that makes your eyes roll back inside your head…”

“And it would make you cum all over my cock and tighten around me…”

“Knowing I couldn’t last much longer, I’d take my dick out of your pussy and slip it in your ass with the juices you’ve created…”

I had been curious about ass play and gave him my anal virginity a few months ago. I was going to cum soon and it was even hotter that it was just him talking.

“I’d start slow until your ass opened up more for me…”

“And I’d grab your hair as I started fucking you harder and faster in your tight little ass…”

“Baby, I’m going to cum—” I said as he kept going.

“And you’d beg me to fill your ass with my warm cum, wouldn’t you?”

“So I’d grab ahold of that jiggling ass with one hand, my other pulling your body towards my cock by your hair, and cum deep inside the ass…”

My pussy was pulsating and I couldn’t take it any longer – my pussy was spasming as I orgasmed and kept my finger inside my pussy so I could feel it.

“I’d cum so much and keep my dick in that ass that the cum would drip out of it…”

“And you’d feel my spasming cock inside of your ass.”

God damn. I had just unlocked a new level of boyfriend material. I had never had phone sex before and I never imagined I could cum from it. I dropped my wet panties on the floor.

He was turned on and stroking his cock and we said goodnight so he could go take care of his raging cock since I had to keep quiet. 

The next day I could care less about my neighbors, I wasn’t ever going to see them again. It was strange waking up and thinking “Did that really happen last night?” It sure did. Waking up naked to myself in those damn mirrors made me horny again. I wanted to try something new so I grabbed a pillow and covered it with my travel towel so I could mount it. I already liked how it looked in the mirror, my legs spread as if I were riding his cock. 

I got up and went to the bathroom to grab my lotion and straddled the pillow again. I put two cold dollops of lotion on my nipples, I loved the cold sensation that immediately made my nipples hard. I kept the dollops on them as I started to grind against the pillow and watch myself in the mirror. I didn’t have abs, but I could see my stomach muscles as I leaned back, bucking my hips forward slowly. It was hot and I couldn’t resist starting to rub the lotion on my tits. I didn’t rub it in all the way and liked the look of the mess on my chest as if it were cum. I snapped a quick pic for my boyfriend and sent it to him.

I could feel myself climaxing very quickly and decided to turn around to see it from behind. This is something I was always jealous of, that my boyfriend could see all the action. When I turned around and saw my swollen clit rubbing against the pillow I couldn’t take it any longer. I bucked my hips quickly and the orgasm made my body crumble. I was shocked I came so quickly and knew it would be something I’d be doing again very soon. 

After a day of working at a coffee shop, walking around town and meeting with new teammates, my boyfriend video called. I was naked in bed with the sheets pulled over me and was excited to answer. He immediately gave me a “Woah baby!” and I laughed coyly. As we talked, I started teasing him by revealing my tits in the camera and he couldn’t help but bite his lip. I knew what I was doing and it was time for payback. His housemate was at dinner with family leaving him home alone. I flashed the camera even further down, showing that I was touching myself and gave him an innocent “Whoops.” He told me to show him the mirrors I was masturbating in. I gave him a tour and realized the mirror above the bed would be perfect to watch myself during cowgirl. 

He asked where the pillow was and I was ready to show him exactly what happened the night before. I mounted the pillow and flipped the camera so he could see my body. He showed me that his cock was already growing. I started humping and grinding and covered my tits with lotion again. He was loving every second of it as he stroked himself. 

I knew my ass mesmerized him when we fucked, so I turned around again so he could get the view from behind. He let out an “Oh fuck” and I knew what would make him cum. Holding the phone at a decent angle while touching myself was a little tricky, so I grabbed my laptop and propped it open on the bed so I could lean my phone against it. It was a way better view and the sight of myself like that got me horny and I prioritized cumming myself. I knew that would make him cum even harder. 

I opened my legs even further so my pussy rubbed lower against the pillow. I stuck a finger in my mouth and covered it with slobber and started rubbing my asshole. I wasn’t paying attention to his groans anymore. I started to finger it slowly as I continued to rock my body back and forth. I knew the view looked good for him and I didn’t bother looking because the thought of it was sending me into a spiral and I couldn’t help but throw my head back to the ceiling. I was moaning and nothing could stop me. It felt too good dipping my middle finger in that tight asshole while rubbing my clit against the pillow. “Baby, you’re too fucking hot. I’m going to fucking cum.” I was thrusting my hips so hard and couldn’t help but cum and the thought of him cumming. I always came when he said he was going to and I loved that I was the one making him do it. When I came I turned back and made eye contact with the camera and began to squirt his juice out of his hard cock. He flipped the camera around so I could see it spurt onto his belly with his hand gripping it. I couldn’t help but smile. “I love you baby, you’re fucking incredible,” he said to me before we exchanged goodnights. 

When I thought things couldn’t escalate any further, they did a few nights later. But this time, he was at work. I texted him saying I was playing with myself and documenting it so he could jerk off to it later. I asked him if he wanted to see anything in particular. He said he wanted to see me fingering my pussy and humping the pillow again. I had already done both and documented it for him. 

I wanted to finger my ass for him but my nails were long and square, so I desperately searched for something that could replace my finger. My travel toothbrush case was the perfect size, but I couldn’t get past how unsanitary it’d be on a product I put in my mouth every day. I kept searching in my makeup bag and found a tube of concealer that was almost empty and would be perfect. I washed it and got back on the bed. Instead of the pictures I had been taking up until now, I hit record, covered my asshole with spit and felt the tube slowly slide inside.

I was fucking horny and wanted my boyfriend to take part in my orgasm. I started sending him the sequence of photos, knowing he’d grow hard at his desk. He shared an office with four other people and they each had wooden L-shaped desks. 

Photo of me bent over wearing a long linen shirt and barely showing my pussy – sent.

Photo of me bent over in doggy position on the bed with the outline of my body through the linen shirt – sent.

Photo of my shirt hanging on with only one button closed and one tit showing – sent.

Photo of me naked mounting a pillow and touching my clit – sent

He sent me a photo of his hard cock through his pants under his desk. It drove me absolutely wild. 

Photo from behind of me mounting the pillow – sent.

Photo of the same position, but tube in my ass – sent.

“Baby,” he responded, “You’re making me so hard I could cum right now.”

A minute later, “I’m going to have to jerk off in the bathroom.”

Yes, I thought. That’s fucking hot. Perfect timing. I sent him the video of sliding the tube in and out of my ass and fucking myself with it. The Wi-Fi was shitty so I told him to wait for my video and film himself cumming for me.

It took about five minutes to go through and I continued to play with my ass. I really wanted to see if I could orgasm from anal stimulation only. The thought of one day cumming while he fucked my backdoor was so hot. At this point, I had been masturbating for over an hour but it was getting more and more enjoyable and I felt naughty toying with my bum. 

As soon as the video went through, he responded “Oh fuck that’s so sexy,” and three minutes later I received a video back. It was of him stroking his cock over the sink and whispering “Fuuuck” as he spurted his load into the sink. He kept rubbing his cock for a few seconds and a second spurt came out and hit the faucet. He zoomed into the cum at the tip of his dick and panned up to the reflection of his dick with pants pulled down. My imagination went wild. I wanted to feel that inside of me. I couldn’t believe he jerked off to the thought of me in his work bathroom. Mmmm.

I knelt at the side of the bed and vigorously slid the tube in and out, in and out and began rubbing my tits and tugging on my hard nipples. I could feel my swollen clitoris from inside my ass and suddenly got the sensation that I was either going to squirt or piss. I had only ever squirted from my clit sucker toy and the thought of not only doing it while masturbating, but masturbating in my ass got me so horny. 

I moved into the shower and squatted in case either would happen. I played the video again, and again, and again. I must have watched it a hundred times, imagining that thick cock in my ass. Finally, I felt myself climaxing and didn’t know what would happen. In and out, in and out, squeezing my nipple, in and out. I felt a stream of squirt come out of me and watched it hit the shower floor. I squirted for about three seconds and couldn’t control it. I started pissing right after. Thank God I was in the shower. Mmm I was so proud of myself and couldn’t believe I anally squirted. It was so relieving and got me thinking about what else my body was capable of. 

I thanked him for the video and told him what had happened. He couldn’t wait for his shift to end to jack off to the thought of it and I couldn’t wait to be back.

Erotic Story, Free Erotic Tales, sensual, passion, desire, seduction, intimacy, pleasure, fantasy, erotica, steamy, love,

#EroticStory #FreeEroticTales #sensual #passion #desire #seduction #intimacy #pleasure #fantasy #erotica #steamy #love

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Vicky Toys is Adult Sex Toys, Safer Sex Products, Condoms, Anal Plugs, Bondage Gear, Cannabis Weed Pipes Nargile Shisha, HEMP CBD Oil, Online Store

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