Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction,
Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction,

Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E3 Vacations in Mallorca Spain

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Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E3: Vacations in Mallorca Spain by Vicky Toys

#Erotictales #lesbianstories #threesomestories #eroticliterature #sensualliterature #arousingliterature #sexytalks #naughtytalks #sexychronicles #eroticfiction

I promised myself this would be a vacation I’d never forget.

Finally, after an exceptionally extended period of parental persuasion, my friends and I were allowed to spend the summer holidays alone. Our summers were usually spent in boarding schools with strict teachers and little enjoyment. One more thing that was sure to make this holiday unforgettable – my 20th birthday.

Us five girls planned an amazing trip to Mallorca, Spain. Our flight came in early Saturday afternoon, and our host was a gorgeous girl, with long, dark hair, a pierced nose and tongue, and an evenly tanned body in a red bathing suit. I was immediately awe-struck by her. 

She took us to her house that was already packed with people who were laughing, dancing, smoking, and of course, drinking. A quiet wave of panic crept underneath my skin – all those people were so confident and sexy, and to be honest they kind of scared me. 

We left our stuff in our room and joined the party. Everyone was mingling, people were kissing on the couch, men casually passed joints as women chatted and laughed in their clingy summer dresses. I stood in the corner watching over everything like a movie scene when suddenly our host came to me and began dragging me to dance. 

I completely froze and told her I was still tired from the trip. She sweetly laughed – “What you need is some stress relief… like a good orgasm.” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and couldn’t help but blush and turn my head away from her. She threw her head back in laughter, but not in a way to communicate that she was at all joking.

My eyes trailed her neck down to her breasts that were rising and falling as she teased me. I felt a sudden surge of warmth between my legs, a weakness in my knees, and my breath rapidly shortening. She looked at me with a fiery spark in her eyes and whispered, “Don’t tell me you’ve never had an orgasm?” Her lips brushed my ear and neck, and the air of her confidence took me in completely. I shook my head, “I’m not sure I know how to.” I couldn’t believe I was being this honest and raw with a stranger, but it felt right.

Slowly, she took my hand and led me to her room. Closing the door behind her, she said with a wink, “We need to relax you a bit, or you’ll never get laid and that would make for a very boring holiday.” Her hands started gently running up and down my body, from my hair to the back of my neck, down my shoulders, and gently tickling my back and waist.

 I started to really feel the heat; my cheeks burning and wetness coming through my panties as she unbuttoned my summer dress. I closed my eyes as the dress slid off my shoulders, her lips on my neck.

She started licking and kissing my breasts, gently running her hands all over what felt like every inch of my body. My nipples perked up, but my whole body was completely stiff. She laid me down on her bed, still kissing me and making small bites down and down my stomach.

She grabbed my panties with her teeth and pulled her hands behind my back lifting my ass to easily remove my panties. Her hands trailed my legs and inner thighs and climbed up to my sex, stopping just an inch before.

She climbed back on top and looked me in the eyes as her fingers massaged my lips and opened them slightly. I moaned as she slid her two fingers into my mouth, wetting them. Those two wet fingers found their way down to my other lips, and lightly caressed my hotspot without touching it.

Her tongue found mine, and I got dizzy as her fingers and tongue sparked so many sensations in my body that I never knew I could feel. Suddenly, she got on her feet, smirked at me and said “First, you need to know what you like. Do you like me?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

“Would you like to see me naked?” She said with a coy smile.

“Yes-” I almost moaned.

“I have one condition… touch yourself while I take my clothes off,” she said.

I got completely red and hot, both in my face and my body… I grabbed my breast with one hand and wet the fingers of the other and started stroking my pussy. She twirled and slid her bottoms down, dancing to the music from the living room. Her skimpy red bathing suit didn’t leave much to the imagination, but I was absolutely amazed by her. 

I was completely and utterly turned on and I slid my fingers inside me. A moan escaped my mouth, and I could feel her watching me as I lost myself.

I looked at her as she opened a drawer, pulling out a small pink gadget.

“Do you know what this is?” she whispered.

I nodded my head and continued falling deeper into myself.

“You’re about to get blown away,” she says while removing my hand from my sex, turning on the toy and bringing it close to my clit. I felt waves of intense pleasure passing through me the closer she brought the toy. She surprised me by pressing the toy around my clit, and I let out a loud scream of pleasure that I had never felt before.

“Stop, please, stop!” I beg, but she just smiled and continued to play with the toy… and me. 

This crazy wave kept building from my clit and went through my whole body. The more I moaned and sighed, the more she pressed the toy to me, and suddenly, I burst into a loud, overwhelming peak of pleasure, my body trembled, my back arched, and I quickly grabbed a pillow to muffle out the loudness of my sounds.

She pulled herself up to me, kissed me strongly, and put the toy into my hand… “Join the party when you’re ready,” she said as she walked away.

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#Erotictales #lesbianstories #threesomestories #eroticliterature #sensualliterature #arousingliterature #sexytalks #naughtytalks #sexychronicles #eroticfiction

Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction,

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