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The Hot Waitress Offered Me More Than Just Room Service - Vicky Toys

The Hot Waitress Offered Me More Than Just Room Service

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My name is Ken and I am a 45 year old entrepreneur. I occasionally have to travel for my business and meet up with clients. You can say, much of the year gets spent at hotels for me. Especially in San Francisco, I have a very specific hotel where I always opt for their corporate suite. This time was no exception. I had my reasons to do so. Even though I am married, I cannot help but get attracted to younger women. Marcella is one of the waitresses here and my constant companion whenever I am at the hotel. The hot waitress makes me feel like having a second wife.

The affair has been going on for a while. It is purely physical and nothing more so I don’t feel guilty about it. Even this time when I was getting ready to visit San Francisco again, the thought of steamy nights with her was already giving me a hard-on from home. Once I was at the hotel, Marcella became my usual escort and showed me to my room. Before she left, she lightly kissed my lips and nipped at my ear with a naughty smile promising she would be back later that night.

I went about with my meetings for the day and when I was getting back to my hotel, I came across an ad for San Francisco escorts. I got curious and decided to check it out. There were so many hot chicks here. I promptly forgot about the hot waitress Marcella when I came across a particularly interesting profile. She was called Genelia. According to her profile she is thirty and the pictures looked juicy. I usually stuck to women between 20-25 years but she got me curious. I decided to book her for the night. I also pinged Marcella that she need not come to my room that night and I will be busy. She probably got upset but I did not care.

I wanted this woman badly. That evening around eight at night I was waiting in the room. I had already been informed about room service for the day. Finally, there was a knock at the door and I went up to answer it. Genelia was standing at the door and she looked way prettier in person. She was wearing a green halter neck dress and had the curries body I have ever seen. She had to be at least 38D and her ass was equally round. Once she was inside, I asked her about dinner and placed the order for room service accordingly.

We decided to warm up a bit so we sat down with a couple of drinks and talked. In the meantime, they sent the food and it was brought in by Marcella. She was throwing daggers at me with her eyes. I was a little worried. But she left quietly. Finally, I knew I would get some undisturbed moments with Genelia. Once the door was locked, I looked at her and she seemed to get the cue. She smiled slyly and took off her dress slowly while teasing me. Her boobs were huge but slightly saggy. She was all natural.

I usually went for younger looking women but her beauty was a whole different league. I could not resist anymore and grabbed her to make her sit on my lap. Then I kissed her on the lips while she giggled. We were kissing passionately for some time when she was taking off my clothes. In minutes, I was naked. She went down on me and started sucking my dick hard. She was deep-throating me and all I could do was moan in pleasure. In another couple of kindles, I was rock hard and ready to take her. I had almost forgotten my hot waitress because of this new pleasure.

I grabbed her hand and took her to the bed. Once I pushed her down on the bed, I pounced on her. Quickly, I shoved my dick inside her and she gasped. I pumped in and out fast for some time, not letting her catch her breath for once. Then I finally started slowing down. I could feel her vagina getting wet by the second and gripping my dick hard. I turned her around on all-fours and then took her from behind. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them hard while I kept pushing harder and deeper inside her. She was opening loudly and egging me on to go harder still. I did so and enjoyed pleasuring her so much.

Soon I felt her pussy contract and I knew she was about to climax. In another couple of minutes, she squirted on my dick really hard. I could feel the gush of hot liquid spreading all over my dick and crotch. She panted and lied down a bit. But I was not done yet so I kept shoving in harder while I laid on top of her. I kissed her back and her shoulders. I bit and nipped at her neck which made her yelp and then giggle. Suddenly she rolled me over and went on top of me. She started bouncing slowly on my dick and I got the glorious view of her jiggling breasts. I knew I would not be able to hold back anymore and in another five minutes, I made her get off and lie down on the bed. I shagged on her breasts and her face as I climaxed.

She was drenched in my love juices and was smacking her lips from the taste. The sight was so arousing. I had never met a bolder woman and I loved it. She was surely going to change my taste in women forever. Once we were both done, we laid down next to each other. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I had already laid the money on the bedside table with a lump sum tip. She had a wide smile when she collected the cash. She bent down and kissed me once more as she left for the night though I was longing for her to stay for the day. But I guess it was better this way. Now was the time to get back to the hot waitress with some excuse that I was busy and get rocking.

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