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#EroticStory #FreeEroticTales #sensual #passion #desire #seduction #intimacy #pleasure #fantasy #erotica #steamy #love Amanda joined our office approximately 3 months back. It was a fresh addition to the otherwise middle-aged men dominated work place. She was approximately 29 years old and had an appealing body. The raw appeal of her sexy body was undeniable and almost every head turned when she walked by. She was my secretary. Needless to say, I was a point of envy among the other guys but none would express it to my face because I was also the boss.  But unfortunately, that did not stop somebody from anonymously tipping off my wife about the tryst with my secretary. Lucky for me, Martha is the most innocent and pious sweetheart you will come across. She cried and charged me with the allegations. All I had to do is placate her and assure there was nothing. The next…

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