Second life with my baby’s nanny

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#EroticStory #FreeEroticTales #sensual #passion #desire #seduction #intimacy #pleasure #fantasy #erotica #steamy #love

Vicky Toys is Adult Sex Toys, Safer Sex Products, Condoms, Anal Plugs, Bondage Gear, Cannabis Weed Pipes Nargile Shisha, HEMP CBD Oil, Online Store
Vicky Toys is Adult Sex Toys, Safer Sex Products, Condoms, Anal Plugs, Bondage Gear, Cannabis Weed Pipes Nargile Shisha, HEMP CBD Oil, Online Store

I was a single dad after my wife left for a sugar daddy. I was struggling to manage work and caring for two babies. And that is when Janice walked into our lives. The pretty southern belle was my aunt’s neighbor and she just breezed in, making everything easier. My twins immediately took to her, not having had a mommy around soon after they were born. But Janice – my God she was so pretty and so good to me. I was attracted to her and one night she had seen me masturbating to her thoughts, I was moaning her name. At the peak, I had seen a glimpse of her running away. I was thinking of apologizing but the next day she acted as if nothing had happened. Overall my baby’s nanny is attractive yet was doing her work as usual.

Today she was staying with the babies and I had told her that I would be late. When I returned home, the house was silent and Janice was in the kitchen cooking something. She was wearing some sort of a negligee, not expecting me to be home at this time. I came in the door and she whelped in surprise. But she didn’t try to hide her body. She just smiled and asked me for dinner. I stood speechless when she tiptoed closer and kissed me on my lips. “You want this don’t you?” she said. I was stunned and didn’t move, but she took my hand and showed me that the babies were sleeping peacefully in their room. Then I turned around and kissed her back.

I liked her and she was hot. I let my guard down and just lifted her up, holding her bum and walking to the bedroom. I wanted to lose myself in her, her scent, her luscious body. Now she’s not just my baby’s nanny but my mistress too. Her plump lips fit over mine and she kissed me with passion. Her tongue licked my mouth and then she pushed it inside my mouth. I tasted her – candy, so sweet. I could hear some groaning and realized I was doing that. My dick was hard and I am sure it was prodding her bottom as I took her to my room. I also realized I needed to shower, so I put her down and told her that I would be back. As I was showering, I felt her hands move over my back. Soft tiny hands. Then she attached her body to mine and I could feel her breasts touch my back. It had been so long that I shivered.

I let her touch me. She explored my back, abs and chest and then finally my cock. It was rigid, hard, wanting her touch and feel. Her mouth? Oh. I didn’t know if she would do that. I let her touch and explore as she gently pressed the girth and played with it. She turned the shower off and knelt in front of me. She ran her hands over my cock and pressed the balls. She took the head in her mouth and sucked on it. “Ufff,” I groaned as I felt her suction. I stopped her thinking that she was my nanny, but she moved my hand and got on with it. I did fantasy her and she did too, I thought and I let things happen.

She rubbed my cock with her hands and used both to press, squeeze and suck in a rhythm that was just fabulous. I enjoyed her mouth on me as she massaged my balls too. I wanted to let her do whatever she thought of, but I also wanted to taste her pussy.  I stopped her and made her stand. I had a seat in the shower stall where I sat and pulled her close. I kissed her belly and saw her breasts for the first time. Those gorgeous round globes were plump and attractive, making me want to suckle them. I pressed her boobs, feeling the softness in my hands. I pulled her close, sucking and twisting her nipples. I was getting to know her so intimately.

I was getting horny by the minute so I dried both of us off and rushed out to the bed. I dropped her on the mattress and knelt to part her pussy folds. I sniffed her crotch, getting excited knowing that she was wet. I parted her folds and blew on her clit. She shook, making her boobs move too. I attached my lips to the clitoris, sucking in that. “Ohhh ohh,” I could hear her moaning as I did my thing. My dong hung in longing and brushed the carpet as I played with her clit. I nibbled on it, sucked the nub as I tried to penetrate her pussy with my fingers.

I slowly added a finger and as I moved in, I could feel her tight channel expanding. The ridges around squeezed me and held my finger tightly. My cock would love that. I moved in and out of the channel, playing with her and touching her g-spot. She was laying back and breathing hard. Her chest was heaving, so I sucked harder on her clit and massaged her sensitive walls. She screamed and bit her hand to control it so as to not wake the babies. I knew she had cum as liquid coated my hands.

I took the opportunity to impale her pussy with my cock. There was zero resistance but the channel was snug for me. I fucked her and fucked her hard. Her pussy was going crazy trying to hold my member and squeezing it. But I maintained my pace. I watched her face and saw that she had a blush covering her face and boobs. I bent and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it in tandem with my fucking. I sucked it as I penetrated her pussy and released the nipple as I pulled out. It was slow and sensual and I got her squirming in no time.

Then I stood up and put both her legs on my shoulders exposing her pussy hole. I plunged in again and held her by her ass. Her ass was quite soft and round and naughtily I pressed and massaged them. I was still fucking her, pumping my cock in and out of the wet hole. I lazily rubbed my fingers around her clit and then pressed down on it. She came again, squeezing my cock as she achieved orgasm. I now felt pressured and finally after some thrusting, I came too.

I fell on top of her and held her naked tight body. I felt good, stress free. It would be good to have a woman – this woman in my bed every day. Plus, she was so good with my babies. I slept to thoughts of more babies in my arms as Janice snuggled to me.


#EroticStory #FreeEroticTales #sensual #passion #desire #seduction #intimacy #pleasure #fantasy #erotica #steamy #love

Vicky Toys is Adult Sex Toys, Safer Sex Products, Condoms, Anal Plugs, Bondage Gear, Cannabis Weed Pipes Nargile Shisha, HEMP CBD Oil, Online Store
Vicky Toys is Adult Sex Toys, Safer Sex Products, Condoms, Anal Plugs, Bondage Gear, Cannabis Weed Pipes Nargile Shisha, HEMP CBD Oil, Online Store

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