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Recently Opened in Cornelius NC: Pasteles La Andinita Food Truck

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Pasteles La Andinita in #NorthCarolina inaugurates its Food Truck in #Cornelius

Venezuelan entrepreneurs inaugurate the first #FoodTruck of #PastelesAndinos, Tequeños and Empanadas in North Carolina, yesterday Sunday they successfully inaugurated with the warm attention of their owners Marly & Alfredo. Go to:

These #PastelitosAndinos or wheat flour cakes, crunchy and filled, are one of the most recognized delicacies of the Venezuelan Andes.
Venezuelan #empanadas are made in a cornmeal dough and filled with beef, chicken, cheese, fish, black beans (beans) and other ingredients to suit the client’s taste.

The #tequeño is a fried appetizer, its shape is cylindrical and it is made with a semi-hard cheese bar that is wrapped in strips of wheat flour dough. The history of the Tequeños dates back to the end of the 14th century. Legend has it that a cook from the City of Los Teques. She made a cylindrical food, with the remaining dough from the typical cakes of the area and placed a little white and soft cheese in the shape of a stick inside it.

How to get in touch with Pasteles la Andinita

To contact Pasteles la Andinita, know the location of the Food Truck or place orders, you can visit their Instagram: or call: (561) 674-7220 / (305) 910-5069

Pasteles La Andinita

Noticias de Nueva Esparta y Venezuela

Noticias de Venezuela y del Estado Nueva Esparta por Eladio Rodulfo Gonzalez y Juan Rodulfo, Venezuela Local News Articles, Local News Headlines, Local News

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