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10 small packs in one big pack, each pack is an individually sealed two-way humidity controlled cigar humidor .

This humidor moisturizing bag can effectively prevent cigar peeling, cracking, mildew, moth, oblique burning, blockage and other problems. It can maintain the constant humidity and better protect cigars. It is a good friend of cigars.

This moisturizing bag can be used not only on cigars, but also in wood, musical instruments, food and other places where the humidity needs to be kept constant.

[2-Way Precise Humidity Control]
– The ingredients are made of innovative plant-based fiber humidity control materials, which provide better adsorption/desorption efficiency than traditional humidity regulators such as silica gel. The RH can be precisely adjusted to the proper level by adding and removing moisture from the storage container as needed.

[No Leaks]
– Inside each ZEAL 2-Way humidity control pack is a solid plant fiber mat, not any liquid, so don’t worry about internal solution leaking onto your stuff.

Safety Double Packing]
– Outside airtight bags, each humidity control bag has an individually sealed package. Prevent accidental activation to preserve freshness and ensure humidity control packs arrive safely.


1. Open the kraft paper outer packaging of the cigar moisturizing bag, then tear off the transparent sealed bag.
2. Put the cigar moisturizing pack and cigars in the container for moisturizing and maintenance
3. Close the container for moisturizing and maintenance.

Each 8g 2-Way Humidity Control Pack is placed in a container and sealed to maintain freshness, taste, flavor and aroma and maximize product shelf life.

The use of the humidifying bag is related to the environment and temperature. In addition, the sealing degree of the cigar storage container determines the service life of the humidifying bag. The more sealed the environment, the longer the shelf life of the humidifying bag.

The physical picture of the product after changing the packaging is as follows: (for reference)

Note :
1) Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2) Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement .Thank you tor understanding.
3)The manufacturer will change the packaging of the product from time to time according to the needs of the market, please refer to the received product.

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