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If you want a quintessential spot for your next brunch date, look no further than the Tin Muffin Cafe. The menu offers sandwiches, salads, soups, quiches-of-the-day and different specials. But if sweet treats are what you crave, then you’ll find homemade brownies, cakes and pies big enough to share or take home. Be advised, the cafe is cash only.


Since the cafe is nestled in busy downtown Boca Raton, you might be tempted to overlook this spot. The restaurant’s tagline, “Happiness is Homemade,” sums up the experience you’ll have. With quaint, cozy dining inside and open-air seating around the perimeter of the building, there are choices for all.

Our favorite food/price

We started with minted lemonades ($3) and iced coffees ($2.50), all refreshing on a warm South Florida day, coupled with two muffins ($2 each). How could we not? The blueberry muffin is a classic staple, but the pineapple muffin was incredible. The broccoli and cheddar quiche ($14.95) was fluffy and filling. The shepherd’s pie ($15.95) and avocado toast (13.95) were just as good.

Reason to go

If you want a small-cafe experience with great food, then make an effort to check out this spot. We’d go back for the minted lemonades alone.


Although the place was packed, the staff was friendly and accommodating, making sure tables were cleaned quickly so new patrons could sit down. Our server was friendly and helpful, pointing out what to order and answering all our questions.

Noise level

We dined outside, so the noise level was what one would expect to find while sitting next to a busy downtown street on a Saturday afternoon. However, we were still able to converse easily with each other. Sitting inside, while in close quarters with other patrons, would be quieter, but just as enjoyable.

Kid friendly

Not many children were dining at the cafe that afternoon. However, we were traveling with a sleeping infant, and the staff was very accommodating, seating us at a table for all of us to rest comfortably.

Tin Muffin Cafe

364 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, 561-392-9446

Hours: M-Sat., 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

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