York care home that makes residents’ life goals come true – like parachuting! – York Press

A YORK care home which tries to make residents’ life goals come true – from parachuting to visiting a donkey sanctuary – has been praised by a watchdog.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said Grimston Court, which provides personal care to up to 47 older people – some with dementia – was ‘good’ in all areas.

A report, published following an inspection of the home in Hull Road in December, said staff knew about people’s individual care needs, made residents feel safe and well supported, administered their medicines safely and gave them a choice of nutritious, well cooked food, and the home was clean and ‘free from lingering unpleasant odours’.

It said residents participated in a wide range of activities and their relatives and friends were encouraged to visit, and the home, run by Wellburn Care Homes Ltd, had employed an activities coordinator to help them achieve life goals.

It said: “One example included a request to parachute. The deputy of operations said: ‘If we can remove the known health risks and get the all clear then we can support people to create this kind of lasting memory’.”

People were also supported to enjoy a range of social activities. “We observed a member of staff engaging with people to play a floor sized snakes and ladder game with an inflatable die that people could throw from their seats. Other games helped to improve people’s dexterity and helped to keep them active.

“We observed staff treating people respectfully providing them with dignified care and support. One person said: “Yes, they are all most respectful.”

The report also said staff morale was high, with the registered manager visible around the home and engaging openly with people, their families and staff.

Care home manager Emma Richardson said she was “absolutely thrilled” by the report, which was a recognition of the “amazing” work done by her staff. “They care about what they do,” she said. “They feel passionately about it.”

She added that residents’ goals ranged from parachuting to visiting a donkey sanctuary, and some were easier to achieve than others.