West Hollywood Approves Cannabis Cafe, First of Its Kind in U.S. – NBC Southern California

The city of West Hollywood made a landmark decision Tuesday, when it approved a space within its city limits to be named the first cannabis café in the United States.

The space approved is near the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Lexington Avenue, but the location has a local synagogue fearing a contact high.

After the decision was rendered, the rabbi who had left without a word leaving others to mark the moment.

Lowell Farms, the name given to the historic café, promises cannabis cuisine and a smoking area, too. However, it’s an open air restaurant directly across the street from a synagogue and a rabbi who asked for the the business license to be rejected.

After the café was approved, the rabbi left without a word.

To gain resounding unanimous approval from the city of West Hollywood, Lowell Farms promised an air filtration system like the one used in casinos.

While the approval is historic and many believe the move by the progressive city is only the start, the licenses are only good for a year, and skeptics are watching to make sure these marijuana milestones are not half-baked.

The restaurant will be alcohol free, since state law prohibits the consumption of cannabis and alcohol on the same site.

But, the doors could open within months, as cannabis cafés appear to be coming to California for the first time.

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