“We shouldn’t be looking for jobs”: Dozens protest against internet café shutdown – ActionNewsJax.com

Now, Lopez and many others are left wondering where the money will come from to pay their bills.

“I am on dialysis, that’s why you see me keep sitting down, because I’m tired. I worked, like, three days out of a week. I just need something to help pay for my medication,” Lopez said.

Action News Jax Investigates learned that arcades will now have five days to get rid of all of their gambling machines.

There are 170 internet cafes across the city of Jacksonville,which means many people will be without jobs.

But the city says internet cafes attract crime.

Action News Jax called Councilwoman Leanna Cumber who sponsored the bill to close internet cafes but have not heard back.

“We shouldn’t be looking for jobs, they should let us keep our jobs,” Lopez said.

Attorney Kelly Mathis is now suing the city on behalf of the operators.

Mathis filed his amended complaint after the mayor signed the bill into law.

An injunction filed to keep them open was denied.

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