Water sports enthusiasts warned to be careful in still cold water – NL Times

Boy jumping into a lake

With temperatures climbing to the high twenties this week, rescue brigades in the Netherlands are warning people to be careful of going to cool down in the open water. The water temps are still cold, and due to the coronavirus crisis, there aren’t lifeguards everywhere. 

“The water is still quite cold at this time of year; about 12 degrees. Swimming and playing in cold water has a massive effect on the body, so these activities can lead to dangerous situations. For example, hypothermia and cramps,” the rescue brigades warn.

In places where there are lifeguards on duty, there may be  restrictions and adjustments in working methods due to the social distancing measures in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus. “It is very important that [swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts] are aware of this. They should be aware of the dangers of open water anyway,” the rescue brigades said.

If you do decide to go swimming, make sure to do so in an area with lifeguards on duty.