Want useful mapping info on the Novel Coronavirus?

Coronavirus.app is updated real time, has no advertising or monetization, and is updated quite frequently. It’s tracking the Novel Coronavirus, and claims it’s the Official App of the Wuhan Coronavirus. That would be the Novel Coronavirus outbroken in Wuhan unless I’m reading it incorrectly. I wonder how you become official.

So, should you wish a reminder that the world is a huge place and there are currently only 10 people known to have it in say North America, 9 in Australia, 15 in the EU/Former EU countries, and two in Russia. Well there’s your website.

What’s not particularly comforting as of writing is the 213 dead, 189 recovered stat. I’m not sure if recovery takes a longer time to tick (IE 3 weeks or so of no symptoms before marked recovered,) or if it’s 50+% fatal.

I’ll assume the former.

Keep in mind when talking “Coronavirus” that is a group of viruses in the family Coronaviridae. There’re a lot of them. The Novel Coronavirus is 2019-nCoV from Wuhan, and that’s what we’re looking at now.

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