Want to give back? You can order coffee and deliver it to essential workers – week.com

PEORIA (WEEK) – Even after closing their doors to the public last week, one local business found a way to support our community: by delivering coffee to essential workers.

The owners of Zion Coffee Bar were looking for some way to give back during this time, so they starting delivering coffee to those on the front lines.

Now – the community can get involved in the giving. You can go online, order coffee, and have it delivered to an organization of your choosing.

So far, they have made deliveries to workers in emergency rooms, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

Zion’s co-owner, Banu Hatfield says these gifts were met with gratitude, and even tears.

“They were visibly touched by the gesture,” Hatfield said, “Because remember, in many cases, these deliveries are on behalf of people these people don’t even know. They’re receiving this gift from complete strangers in our community.”

The owners of Zion say they plan on keeping this service available until their doors are back open.