Vionic Kirra Sandal : Sleek Simplicity With Enhanced Arch Support

Elise is a guest reviewer for She is reviewing the Vionic Kirra backstrap sandal (sponsored by Vionic). The opinions are completely her own based on experience. 

A little about me:

I am a relatively young mom of three children ages thirteen, nine and two! After my third child was born, we were finally in a financial position that allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom. Our family lives a very active lifestyle and our children are involved in many activities.

I am 6’0’’ tall and finding cute, well-constructed and comfortable sandals in my size is often very challenging. Most often cute sandals often have some sort of heel or wedge or they’re cheaply crafted and uncomfortable. I wear a size 10, but probably should wear a 10.5. Since, most manufactures do not make a 10.5, I often purchase a size 10.

Vionic Kirra

I have heard of the brand Vionic before; however, I have never previously owned a pair. At first glance, the Kirra sandal appears to be well constructed, but looks very heavy. However, they are actually really light and I often forget that I am even wearing them. The Kirra sandal is very comfortable and fits true to size. My favorite things I noted about the sandals were:

  • They offer good arch support- As someone who has high arches, having the arch support made the sandals that much more comfortable. The Kirra also allowed extra room on the top of my foot where sandals and shoes are often too tight because of my high arches.
  • They have good quality non-slip rubber bottoms- Have you every stepped onto wet tile in cheap flip flops and nearly wiped out? I have many times!
  • Lastly, the insole is made of a cloth like material with little bumps. This helped keep my foot in place better than sandals that have non-porous leather like insoles.

Vionic Kirra

The only negative thing I can say about the Kirra is that the backstrap was a little too short. I had to wear the strap on the longest setting and initially, they were a little hard to buckle. There is a stretchy elastic component to the backstrap and I worry that as time goes on, the elastic may wear out from being over stretched.

Overall, the Kirra is a very comfortable and well-made sandal. They can be worn to just about almost anywhere. You can dress them up or dress down, wear them to church, work or to the baseball field. I would certainly purchase another pair in the future.

Vionic Lupe

You can find the Vionic Kirra in sizes 6-11, medium and wide widths for $59-99 from Zappos, Amazon, and Peltz Shoes.

The Kirra is being discontinued soon. If you can’t find your size, consider the Vionic Lupe sandal with a similar silhouette to the Kirra. See more top-selling Vionic sandals that we’ve recently recommended here.

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