Vicky Erotic Tales S2 E1: Easter Present

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Vicky Erotic Tales Podcast

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Vicky Erotic Tales S2 E1: Easter Present, Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction

Vicky Erotic Tales S2 E1: Easter Present by Vicky Toys

Vicky Erotic Tales #Erotictales #lesbianstories #threesomestories #eroticliterature #sensualliterature #arousingliterature #sexytalks #naughtytalks #sexychronicles #eroticfiction

A letter from Elizabeth to her best friend, Melany.

“Dear Melany,

Melany my love, I told you I had an idea for an Easter Bunny costume to wear for Freddy when he comes home on leave at Easter. Well, here is how our dear friend Tatyanna helped me create something. I will save it ‘til he has been at home for several days, and when I think he might best appreciate it!!!!!

If you remember I wanted to create a sensuous bunny costume that I could surprise him with and had definite ideas about it. I wanted something diaphanous to cover but not conceal all my girly bits, be easy to slip into and easy for me to adjust to get the visual effect I wanted. There had to be two pretty, floppy, bunny ears and finally I wanted a bunny tail. Ideally the back would be minimal and only something sufficient to hold the costume in front of me quite securely as I moved. The rear (as in rear-end) I wanted to be thong-like in nature, so there would be an illusion of me wearing nothing except a fluffy tail, as the material would disappear between my bum cheeks.

To Tatyanna I had suggested using a piece of sheer pure silk that I had had for absolute ages and that Freddy had brought back for me from the Far East, but she was horrified. As you know she is an enthusiastic and very proficient amateur dramatic person who has incredibly good needle skills (quite unlike me – a sail maker’s needle I can handle but that’s about it).

I arranged for her to come over the day before yesterday, during the early afternoon; she had organized things very well because it coincided with her husband being away from home and she had plenty of time. So, when she came, she had already made the ears and they were exactly what I wanted. She had arranged them on a sort of springy theatrical metal (a bit like headphones) that fitted into my hair so that the ears popped up quite realistically. They were Delightful and amusingly floppy too.

Then she showed me the material … Again, it was theatrical and gossamer like but cheaply made … quite strong. Her approach to the design was that she would start with the material around the back of my neck like a scarf, equally on both sides, so that the two “tails” hung down my front. She brought the tails over my breasts, down between my legs and cut the tails so that they finished slightly higher up my back than my anus. At this point she sewed on the fluffy tail and a length of flesh colored ribbon. She took the ribbon up my spine and formed it in a loop around the neck of the “scarf” and sewed it. So that was the design that she discussed with me, and she had brought everything to complete it.

“GREAT,” I said, and stood there in bra and panties so that she could do the fitting. She went behind me and ‘snip’ the ‘tails’ were right. She quickly attached the fluffy tail and ribbon then stood behind me again so that she could get it fixed at the neck. Presto! It was done…. About 10 minutes if that.

I paraded in front of my bedroom mirror. Tati held a large hand mirror behind me so that I could see the effect at the back, then I slipped it off. Absolutely delighted and exactly what I wanted.

Then Tati said, “Here wear these as well,” and she gave me a pair of white silken gloves! They absolutely were the perfect finish to my costume. I carefully laid my new costume on the bed and reached for my skirt.

“Oh no you do not. Dress Rehearsal time. We are going to make sure that it LOOKS right as Freddy will see you on that morning, after you must put it on for yourself without any help.”

How stupid of me … of course I should wear it, do a dress rehearsal, and make sure I could get into it. So, I quickly slipped out of my bra and panties and picked up the costume. Well of course I was clumsy trying to get it on for the first time and getting the ribbon to feel right on my back and fumbling for the bunny tail. Then getting the material so that it parted nicely over my shoulders and was just the right tension over my breasts to both reveal the shape and hint at the color of my nipples and be held in place by the tension. It then had to come together to pass between my legs and it needed a lot of fidgeting about to get the material looking neat as it disappeared down there. I also wanted despite two thicknesses of material for there to be no visual doubt of my bushy front hair, my girl’s hair. Finally, I got it right, but she made me take it off and put it on about a dozen times until I knew I could get it how I wanted it.

Finally, I was happy that I could quickly get it on and looking right without Freddy becoming suspicious at my being gone from him. So, I gave her a quick kiss and said, “Cup of tea?”

Tati said, “Just turn round for me,” and she sat on my bedroom chair as I turned and ‘displayed’ in front of her. “Mmmmm I’m not just sure…” She said. “Come here.”

So, I came from the middle of the room and stood about three feet from her.

“Closer” she said. I stood about two feet from her.

“Elizabeth, I’m not just sure that there isn’t something here that I need to work on just hold still.”

I stood like an idiot not seeing it coming at all. She reached out as she had a dozen or more times and seemed to adjust the folds of gauze between my legs. Then the sides of her fingers were brushing MY folds and were easing forward and back, forward, and back under the material. I felt that familiar flush through my body. My knees seemed to weaken. I put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. Her other hand reached out and she eased the gauze away from my right breast exposing my hardening nipple.

“Closer Elizabeth” she said, and I inched closer to her.

She raised her head and looked at my face, then she pursed her lips and blew softly on my bared nipple. I shivered and heard myself whimper “Ohhh.”

Her right hand had pulled the material to one side, and she was now easing my lips apart. She held it to one side with her thumb and crooked her finger to find my hole. I knew I was leaking onto her fingers as she circled my muscle there with her fingertip.

She lifted her head again and her lips found my hard nipple. I felt the softness of her lips, my nipple slipped between her lips, and she suckled on me. She took my arm and pulled the material so that I was free of it, then the other side. I bowed my head, and she slipped it over my head and across my shoulder and it drifted to the floor like a rose shedding its petals.

I was naked. She started to kiss my lips, softly, gently. Her lips were soft on mine, a woman’s lips not the hardness of a man’s. I found myself stumbling backwards as she pushed against me; I felt the bed against my thighs and collapsed backwards onto it. I lay spread before her, gasping, breasts heaving, my wets running from me. My eyes felt puffy, my cheeks glowing, and every part of me tingled.

Through half closed eyes I saw her take off her blouse, unclip her bra and let it slowly tantalizingly fall forward. I saw her glorious breasts, tiny nipples, rosy pink and thrusting proudly at me. I saw her hands fall to her skirt, unfasten, unzip, puddle to the floor around her feet. Her panties that day were pure white, open laced, high hipped and between the lace designs I saw the tantalizing shadow of her female hair.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband, slowly moved then down knowing I was watching her reveal it to me.

I saw her naked. I heard her soft voice. I closed my eyes.

“Middle of the bed, Elizabeth” I shuffled into the middle and felt the bed dip as she knelt beside me. Then, then she said.

“This is a FULL undress rehearsal, darling, open your eyes.”  

I looked at her kneeling beside me. She put her hands on the bed and leant down. I saw her pendulous breasts getting closer and closer and I opened my lips. Her nipple slipped into them, and I licked it with the tip of my tongue. Then I drew it in and sucked it with my lips only. Her hand touched my tummy and circled it. For a moment it tickled, and I giggled. Her fingers were in my hair, just the tips, her nails just able to reach the skin of my mound. She put the palm of her hand over my hair. It did not touch my skin. It did not press on me. Her palm caressed the surface of my hairs ‘against the grain’ and I felt them rise like the hackles on a dog. Her hand went to my knee. She seemed not to touch. She seemed able to move her hand so close to me that it was the movement of the air between her skin and mine that gave me this wonderfully exciting soft sensation. A fingertip touched the softness of my inner thigh close to my joining. It withdrew and I wanted it back. She went back just as gently to my knee and then back to my joining, but she would not touch it. She would not touch me there. God, I needed her touch.

I reached out to feel between her legs. She said “NO.”

I said “Please, Taty, please.”

“Elizabeth, this is payback time for your costume. Lie still my darling. I want you. I want to be your first in that costume. When he touches you, wearing that, I will have touched you first. You owe me darling. Just lie still for me.”

My arm collapsed on the bed. She was still drifting her hand up and down my inner thigh. Then OH GOD, she touched IT for me, and my hips arched off the bed. I tried to find her fingers with my cleft, but she had taken them away. She moved and straddled my upper thighs with her own. Her cleft was on my thigh, I could feel it on me. She bent forward and licked my belly button. Around my tummy, moving higher and higher…my nipples each in its turn. A deep suck of my breast into her mouth … her lips on my shoulders…. I felt her tongue – just the very tip – touch, lick at the base of the side of my neck and I shuddered.

I heard myself whimper and say “Please.”

Her tongue found my ear and again I shuddered as a flash of lightning flicked to my clit. I was conscious of it hard, needful. She slowly retreated, her tongue and her kisses and her breath teasing me every millimeter of the way down, down, down to my hairs. She slid back down the bed, off me; her gentle hands parted me. She knelt in between. She kissed my knees, trailed her tongue higher and higher.

Oh God she was nearly there. Please do not stop Taty. I will die if you stop. I felt her breath as she blew on my heated clit. My hips rose and tried to find her lips. She blew on it again and again I reached out to her.

“Naughty, naughty Elizabeth, now be a good girl and lie still.”

LIE STILL!!   I could have screamed. How IN HELL COULD I LIE STILL? She was cruel. She would not let me, and I HAD GOT TO.

I felt her hands tipping onto my tummy. I was helpless and rolled her hands. I was on my tummy. Her tongue ran lightly down my spine and again I almost screamed out. My back was arched. She was kissing my shoulders, my shoulder blades, my sides. She was working lower and lower. She kissed my cheeks down there. I felt her gentle fingers open them. I knew she was looking at my most secret place. I waited. I felt her move. Then oh God I felt her breath as she pursed her lips and blew on my anus. I clenched spasmodically there, and she blew again and again after each clenching. As I clenched, I could feel my wet leaking out of me onto my bed. She licked and kissed me behind my knees. I was breathing heavily, my breath harsh. My heart boomed in my ears.

She turned to me again. Please, please let her touch it for me. She raised my arms and told me to grip the bars of the headboard. I did as she told me. She lay on my body; her beautiful passionate body lay nakedly on mine. She was kissing me with her gentle soft kisses all over my cheeks, my eyes, my neck … ohhhhhh then she kissed in my armpits. She licked me there. She lifted her chest, her tight breasts. I could feel her bush on my thigh as she rubbed herself on me there. I felt the heat of her wetness and then the cool as it dried on me. She moved down, down, down and rubbed her nose in my female hairs, smelling me. My legs were spread. I was looking at her, my eyes swollen, my breath heavy and my mouth slack.

I tried to say “Tatyanna,” but it was a dry croak. I swallowed and said “Tatyanna??…Please, Tatyanna, please let me.

I lurched, I lifted, I yelled as the tip of her tongue touched my swollen clit. I wailed. She knew she was tipping me over. Her fingers reached to find me. Enter me. She let her fingers be a man for me and she touched my clit. She glided her fingers each side and masturbated my clitoris inside her little nest.

I began filling up. The funnel low in my tummy was filling me. It could not take any more. It was too full for me. I was conscious of writhing on the bed as I exploded. Tati tried to keep her fingers in me as I bucked wildly onto them, and I called her name again and again and again “


Her fingers slipped out of me. She lay beside me and held me in her arms. She kissed my eyes.

I heard her whisper “Elizabeth, I love you.” And tears ran from my eyes. She kissed my tears away. I felt water drop on my face and I looked at her. Her tears were falling too.

And then my butterflies came to me, fluttering in my tummy, between my legs, and I was slowly, slowly returning to peace in her arms.

After I had come down, after I had recovered. I loved her too.

As she left to return home, she said “Christ Elizabeth, wearing that, if you come out of battle with your sailorman in only one piece I will be amazed. But if you do not survive, will you leave me that bloody costume in your will. It will kill my old feller if I wear it for him. But what a way to die, hey?”

So, my Darling Melany, there we are lol. I can never wait for Freddy to be home. But I really am dying to wear my bunny costume for him when he is not expecting it!

Let me know when we can meet. Would you like me to put it on for you too? Hee hee hee

Or you can wear it for me. Yummy!

Kisses my angel.


I had finished her letter, caught up in the emotion of what she had confided to me. My cheeks were glowing, my heart thudding, my body responding to the picture in my mind of her and our friend Tatyanna. Loving as we three had done so many times at university.

Unconsciously my hand had strayed inside my dressing gown as I sat at the breakfast table, pulled it wide. My fingers caressed my flushed and needful body, wakened by Elizabeth’s letter.

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#Erotictales #lesbianstories #threesomestories #eroticliterature #sensualliterature #arousingliterature #sexytalks #naughtytalks #sexychronicles #eroticfiction

Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction,

Vicky Erotic Tales S1 E4 Sleepover with Abbey, Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction,
Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction,

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