Va Bene Caffe Opens “The Grotto” for the Season – FOX 21 Online

Seating space is located under restaurant’s enclosed deck and offers Lake Superior views.

DULUTH, Minn. – Outdoor seating at Duluth restaurants are now open for the season.

Va Bene Caffe on East Superior Street has opened “The Grotto” for the summer.

The open-air seating space is under the restaurant’s enclosed deck.

It can fit twenty-two people at tables and a bar overlooking Lake Superior.

“The weather has to be just perfect,” said Va Bene co-owner, Patrick Moore. “We get the wind off the lake, we get the sun, we get the shade, so it has to be the right time of day and all the conditions have to be just perfect for us to open the Grotto but we did just for the first time this past weekend open the Grotto and we’ll be doing that as the weather allows all throughout the summer.”

Moore tells us people sometimes wait forty-five minutes or an hour to sit in the Grotto.