Top 21 Boys’ Names With a Hint of Mischief


No, we’re not talking true bad boys, but the trend of giving kids bold, spunky names is fresh and hip, even outside of Hollywood. It’s no secret that many parents today are crossing traditional favorites off their lists and opting for names that more directly reflect their lifestyle and personal taste. Sometimes it just feels more fun to choose a name with some get-up-and-go instead of borrowing a go-to from a great-great-grandfather. Not only does this baby naming path express your family’s personality, but it will also leave an immediate impression.

Whatever the motivation, if a parent is in search of a baby name that is the opposite of bland, preppy, or stuffy, look no further. These names run the gamut from unusual to mainstream, and they’ve all got at least a bit of mischief. But don’t worry — they are given in affection and won’t actually turn your little boy into a troublemaker. He’ll do that all on his own.

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