Thursday 1 16 20 morning call

Kai Lenny is at Nazare and he’s posting this kind of images.

This is my pick of Jimmie Hepp’s album of the windsurfing action at Hookipa. An image that should immediately make your brain guess the period of this set.

5am significant buoy readings and discussion
South shore
1.6ft @ 8s from 161° (SSE)

1.2ft @ 10s from 170° (S)
1.1ft @ 9s from 171° (S)
1ft @ 15s from 211° (SW)

1ft 15s plus smaller periods at the buoy made for some small waves on the Lahaina side yesterday. The Lahaina webcam occasionally shows something also today. Below is the collage of the maps of the 8th and 9th, showing a possible source for them.

North shore
1.3ft @ 15s from 355° (N)

8.1ft @ 10s from 68° (ENE)

0.9ft @ 15s from 9° (N)

Couple of small 15s readings, which might be actually be from the NW fetch shown in the maps below of the 14th and 15th (the buoys still feel the influence of the strong easterly windswell). Wherever it’s from, the main energy in the water remains the easterly one, so Hookipa and the easterly exposures will have the biggest waves also today (although declining). With the difference that there should finally be no wind on the north shore (specially the Kahului area) until around 10am.

Wind map at noon


These are the wind maps at noon of the last 8 days. Lots of red, but fortunately the Groundhog days are over. The end of a long nightmare, really.

Kahului Tides
High Tide     High Tide     Low Tide     Low Tide       Sunrise   Sunset
6:42a  +2.1   8:20p  +1.3   1:59p  +0.4                  7:07a   6:08p

North Pacific has a small NW a N and the windswell fetch. The massive high pressure that has dominated the central Pacific for many days is finally getting weaker and moving to the east. A new one is about to replace it, bringing sideon winds over the weekend (and a N swell).

Nothing of relevance from the south.

Morning sky.