The easiest fastest and safest way to build a WordPress Website

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The easiest fastest and safest way to build a WordPress Website

The easiest fastest and safest way to create a WordPress Website, How to use Vultr for WordPress, Need help? Visit:, How to create WordPress in the Cloud, How to do a WordPress from ServerPilot, How to Install a Free SSL in WordPress, What is an SSL, How to Install WordPress in 10 Minutes:

Step 1: Buy the Domain in Namecheap:
Step 2: Create an account on Cloudflare to protect the IP of the Cloud Server
Step 3: Add the Domain to Cloudflare
Step 4: Change the Domain DNS to assign Cloudflare’s.
Step 5: Create the Cloud Server in Vultr, with Ubuntu 20.04 x64:
Step 6: Create ServerPilot account to Configure Vultr Cloud Server:
Step 7: Edit the Domain DNS in Cloudflare to assign the IP of the Vultr Cloud Server
Step 8: Create the App on ServerPilot (WordPress Site)
Step 9: Edit the WordPress / General Settings / WordPress Address (URL) to add the "s" to the URL, Save / Save Changes …
Step 10: Enable SSL to the Website in ServerPilot … Done!

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