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Go read this Businessweek story about the downsides of DJI’s drone dominance – The Verge

If you’ve bought, flown, seen, or even thought about a drone over the last five years, it was likely one of DJI’s quadcopters. In fact, the Chinese company has so thoroughly consumed both the consumer and commercial drone markets that its dominance is now hitting a point of limited — and possibly even negative — […]

Coronavirus: IIT Guwahati students develop drone to sanitise large areas – Economic Times

NEW DELHI: A group of students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, has developed a drone with an automated sprayer to sanitise large areas including roads, parks and footpaths, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The student group, which has a start-up called “Racerfly”, has approached the Assam and Uttarakhand governments offering to […]

Tranya B530 True Wireless earbuds

The Tranya B530 are dual-master truly wireless Bluetooth 5 earbuds that boast IPX5 (sweat and splashing,) and theoretically 64 hours of playtime per case charge (or 8 hours per earbud charge.) Fast charging of the earbuds means that putting them in the charging case for 10 minutes will get you an hour of playtime. Charging […]

My new favourite: Xiaomi Quick Charge 3.0 charger

This charger has been selected through Community Reviews and quickly become my “must-take” power supply. Xiaomi Quick Charge 3.0 is worth having for more than one reason. 6 reasons to be precise! Xiaomi Quick Charge 3.0 Charger It’s a charger, I get it. You plug it at one end and watch your devices get charged […]

The unreasonable importance of data preparation

Edit note: We know data preparation requires a ton of work and thought. In this provocative article, Hugo Bowne-Anderson provides a formal rationale for why that work matters, why data preparation is particularly important for reanalyzing data, and why you should stay focused on the question you hope to answer. Along the way, Hugo introduces […]

This guy tried dating by drone while social distancing during coronavirus – Getaka.co.in

Dating is hard. Dating amid social-distancing? Some may say, even harder. By Haley Yamada via March 24, 2020, 8:04 AM 5 min read Dating is hard. Dating amid social distancing due to thecoronavirus? Some may say, even harder. So, Jeremy Cohen, a 28-year-old photographer from New York City, got creative when he spotted a woman […]

Brooklyn guy uses drone to hit on a gal during coronavirus lockdown – New York Post

He’s got game — and a drone. Like a responsible New Yorker, Brooklyn-based photographer Jeremy Cohen was cooped up in his apartment practicing social distancing during the coronavirus lockdown. But when he spotted a girl dancing on her rooftop, he channeled his inner Romeo, using his balcony and technology to get her attention. In a […]

Drone detects & avoids obstacles in milliseconds thanks to event cameras – Robot Report

[embedded content] Drones can do many things, but avoiding obstacles is not their strongest suit yet – especially when they move quickly. Although many drones are equipped with cameras that can detect obstacles, it typically takes from 20 to 40 milliseconds for the drone to process the image and react. It may seem quick, but […]

Apple iPad Pro 2020 mit LiDAR und Magic Keyboard vorgestellt

In einer Pressemitteilung und ohne großes Event hat Apple soeben zwei Neuauflagen ihrer iPad Pro Tablets vorgestellt. Das neue iPad Pro 2020 11 Zoll und iPad Pro 2020 12,9 Zoll können ab sofort in Deutschland vorbestellt werden. Zu den Neuheiten gehören eine zweite Ultra-Weitwinkelkamera auf der Rückseite, ein LiDAR Sensor und ein schnellerer Prozessor. Außerdem […]

110 Sesame Street books free on most online book stores

Sesame Street workshops are offering a huge number of books for free on most major book sites. Parents may want to check closely as many are still not free, but you can find a ton easily: Note that not all are free, at least not yet. Be aware In addition there’s some virtual Elmo hugs […]