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Five Individuals Charged with Money Laundering in Connection with Alleged Venezuela Bribery Scheme including Jose Gregorio Vielma Mora, Former Tachira State Governor

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New report says independence of judiciary has eroded, allowing abuses, including torture, to persist by Noticias de Nueva Esparta Judges and prosecutors in #Venezuela have played a significant role in serious #rightsviolations against government opponents, UN investigators have said. Go: In a new report released on September, the UN team tasked with probing the rights situation in Venezuela slammed a dire lack of #judicialindependence in the country while detailing how deficiencies in the #justicesystem have allowed certain violations, including the use of torture, to continue with impunity. The team was established by the UN #HumanRights Council in 2019 to probe a slew of alleged violations in the crisis-wracked country, where President #NicolasMaduro faces accusations of cracking down on dissent. “Our latest investigation found reasonable grounds to believe that, under intensifying political pressure, judges and prosecutors have … played a significant role in serious violations and crimes against real and…

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