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Tuesday 3 31 20 morning call

Another Ridge Lenny barrel by OneMoreFoto. 4am significant buoy readings and discussion. South shore Barbers 1.9ft @ 15s from 210° (SSW) Lanai1.6ft @ 15s from 199° (SSW)       Good numbers at the local buoys, the Tasman Sea swell did fill in nicely. Check the Lahaina webcam if interested, for size, conditions and consistency. North shore […]

Monday 3 30 20 morning call

This picture of John John Florence was on Mini Waves by Dom’s page. 4am significant buoy readings and discussion. South shore Barbers 1.3ft @ 15s from 192° (SSW) 1.3ft @ 12s from 189° (S) Lanai1.5ft @ 13s from 180° (S) Mix of small declining period southerly energy and possibly new low 15s SSW energy filling in […]

Sunday 3 29 20 morning call

The Corona virus made me lazy and I keep not taking pics of the waves on the Lahaina side. Fortunately, sooner or later, my Facebook feed offers something. Kai Lenny at Jaws by OneMoreFoto. 4am significant buoy readings and discussion South shore Barbers1.6ft @ 14s from 192° (SSW) Lanai1.5ft @ 14s from 190° (S) Still 1.5ft 14 […]

Tuesday 3 24 20 morning call

On this page it seems that starting Wednesday everybody is required to stay home unless for essential activities. Among those, there’s “Doing solitary outdoor activity, such as walking, hiking, or running”. Water activities are not listed, but they’re obviously solitary outdoor activities too, so I think we’re good there. But… can you drive to the spot […]

Monday 3 23 20 morning call

Found my phone, thanks Zack. First day of closed county beach parks, getting in the water might require trespassing a gate in some spots. One wonders if that is going to be considered a felony, in the end surfers are not there to congregate, they’re there to surf, which should not increase the risk of disease spreading. We’ll find […]