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New York City Coffee In The Time Of Covid-19

Caffeinating the city that never sleeps, even while it’s on “PAUSE”, is a calling of both passion and economic necessity. As the city shutters and shudders and continually adjusts in response to the fast-growing outbreak of COVID-19, coffee businesses throughout the boroughs have worked to find the solutions right for them and their employees. Some […]

Coffee On The Front Lines: How You Can Help Hospital Workers

Hospital workers are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. While even those of us with no connection (yet) to the virus have been nonetheless affected—financially, mentally, emotionally—the physical threat to hospital workers is tangible. As we are all social distancing and Zooming for a semblance of normalcy, they are running towards imminent […]

How To Brew With A Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex Coffee Maker is a classic pour-over brewer and longtime Sprudge favorite that’s perfect for brewing with at home. Invented in the 1940s and presently manufactured in western Massachusetts, the set-up required for brewing with a Chemex couldn’t be easier. All you need is a Chemex, some official Chemex filter papers, a scale, a […]

Online Coffee Events Happening This Week

As in-person coffee events around the world are canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of online coffee events are popping up far and wide. While millions are staying home in an attempt to flatten the curve, these virtual meet-ups are a welcome respite from binging Love Is Blind and playing Animal […]

2020 Re:co Symposium And Specialty Coffee Expo Officially Canceled

In an email going out to exhibitors today, Specialty Coffee Organization announced the 2020 Re:co Symposium and Specialty Coffee Expo scheduled to take place in Portland, Oregon in April is canceled. Exhibitors will receive a credit for next year’s event or a full refund. From the email: Unfortunately, no other viable dates were available for […]

The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation Is Here To Help Coffee

In these turbulent, uncertain, and downright scary times, community non-profits have a special role to play. Thankfully we’re seeing an uptick in leadership from many leading non-profits engaged in the hospitality sector, providing much-needed support and resources to communities in crisis. One of the most important of these is the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation, an […]

Colombia Regional Collective: El Guayacán

Cauca Surrounded by the peaks of Huila and Tolima, Cauca spreads across the Macizo Colombiano, or Colombian Plateau. Lying close to the equator, Cauca is a major catchment basin for water running down from the Andes combined with rich soil at roughly 1785 masl, offering coffee the prime ingredients to thrive.  For the final stop […]

Coffee Subsriptions We Love To Drink From Home

There’s a chance we may be headed towards a nationwide shutdown of bars, restaurants, and yes, coffee shops in response to Coronavirus, an action that has already been instituted in certain US states to help  flatten the curve and save lives. Until that happens you need to tip, dammit, and buy gift cards, and watch […]

Support Local Coffee Shops And Staff By Filling Their Virtual Tip Jars

Relief efforts are taking place nationwide to help local service industry communities make ends meet as the COVID-19 pandemic has all but decimated their livelihoods. These efforts, generally proffered by non-profit groups, have thus far been aimed at the entirety of service industry—bartenders, restaurant workers, and baristas—but a new spate of micro-efforts allow philanthropic individuals […]

Nationwide Relief Efforts For Service Industry Workers Affected By COVID-19

As COVID-19’s long term impact on the global economy remains unclear, its short term effects are not, and they weigh heavily upon service industry workers: bartenders, restaurant workers, and yes, baristas. Bars, restaurants, and cafes worldwide are limiting service or outright closing (hopefully not for good), significantly decreasing the number of workable hours available to […]