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Urth Caffé review: celebrity hotspot with matcha and orange egg yolks – Business Insider

Los Angeles exudes glamour. Even with its traffic, sprawl, and unrelenting smog, the iridescent veneer of celebrity lends the city a unique allure. One of the most exciting things about being out and about in LA is the possibility that you might collide with one of the countless stars that stud the city. And just […]

The Journey From Bean to Cup: Make Your Coffee Choice an Environmental One in 2020 – One Green Planet

Like most agricultural products, coffee beans have an environmental footprint. The journey from bean to cup involves many steps and supply chains. Finding a sustainable coffee source means finding coffee that is environmentally farmed, harvested and packaged. The way the coffee plant is grown has environmental consequences. A shift from “shade grown” to “full sun” […]

Extra buzz: Beer meets coffee in new nitro brew from Independence Brewing Co. – The Dallas Morning News

Austin’s Independence Brewing Company released a new seasonal ale that capitalizes on a coffee craze: nitro coffee. That’s a brew charged with nitrogen, to preserve the coffee’s freshness and yield a rich, creamy head. This blonde ale has a smooth coffee flavor that fans of nitro cold-brew coffee will especially appreciate. The beer is different […]

The Annie Café and Bar Unveils a Complete Redesign – Architectural Digest

AD PRO: The new aesthetic is bright and coastal, a big departure from the formerly red, dark interiors. What inspired the shift? IP: From an aesthetic point of view, it has a nod towards both Ben’s past and mine. Ben is from New York, so it references the pre-war buildings there. I started my professional […]

Cast Iron Café is Mt. Angel’s newest breakfast, lunch destination – Statesman Journal

Emily Teel Salem Statesman Journal Published 9:00 AM EST Dec 30, 2019 Rise and shine, morning people and sleepyheads alike, because Mt. Angel has a new breakfast spot. Joshua and Elisha Nightingale, owners of Silverton’s Live Local Marketplace & Café, have branched out to Mt. Angel for their second act, but instead of opening a […]