Slopes of 8

The second coffee to take the spotlight in our Kenyan Peaberry Collective is the emerging farmer-group Slopes of 8. The group is made up of 8 farms from neighbouring hills on the slopes of Mount Kenya. With the owners ranging between the ages of 50 and 70, I believe it’s only fair to say, they’ve got grit.  

Marking the third year of this collective, Slopes of 8 forms a part of the 32Cup farmgate project devised to empower farmers through technical support on a farm level. Although they are a part of the same organisation, Kenyacof acts as a dedicated origin partner and coffee exporter responsible for running operations on the ground, while 32Cup focuses on sales. And, under the guidance of Kenyacof’s renowned agronomists and coffee expert Wycliffe, the farmers of Slopes of 8 are building a remarkable brand.

What I personally find most exciting and rewarding of this type of collaboration, is that 32Cup and Kenyacof commit to buying Slopes of 8’s entire harvest at the end of each season! In an industry, where all the risk is typically placed on the producer. Left at the mercy of our selective buying and refined palates, farmers are not always guaranteed a profitable income, nevermind return on investment. But, this initiative feels like a more even spread of risk and responsibility.

To achieve consistency, the farmers implemented uniform farm management practices as well as pre & post-production methods, resulting in harmonious cup quality, which improves year on year. 

The Peaberry Collective won’t be the last time you come across a Slopes of 8 offering from us this year, but this might just be my favourite. With an abundance of red and purple juicy notes, Slopes of 8 generously offers what we all wish for in a Kenyan peaberry. Let’s raise our cups to great initiatives, brave producers and, never being too old to learn. 




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