Rodney’s Cafe in Oshkosh looks to become non-profit – WBAY

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) — An Oshkosh restaurant is taking special care to provide opportunities for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Almost every Saturday at Rodney’s Café you can hear Rodney Frazier calling out numbers for Bingo.

“We usually play bingo we eat first and we play bingo and sometimes we have dessert,” said Latrice Hayes, who is part of a Clarity Care Group Home.

Latrice Hayes has been coming to Rodney’s cafe every Saturday for about a year with others from Clarity Care Group Home and has come to know Rodney as a friend.

“The stuff he’s doing is for other group homes is nice of him to do that because, usually people don’t do that,” said Hayes.

Rodney is doing more with his cafe than just inviting people to play Bingo.

“What we’re doing here is, we’re providing entertainment and opportunities for people, everybody, in particular people with disabilities. That’s what my passion is helping people with disabilities and the elderly as well,” said Rodney.

He’s been in business for about 10 years in the Oshkosh area, but his new and current location along Koeller Street is also providing him with opportunities.

“I love this location because we are in the parking lot of the theater, which is right across the way here, there’s other restaurants and the shopping center and there’s a gym right next door to us,” said Rodney.

Rodney is also working to form a non-profit organization so he can reach more people.

“My plans are to provide opportunities, it’s all about giving a person the opportunity to succeed,” said Rodney.