Pregnant dog does maternity shoot and looks absolutely glowing –

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Human maternity shoots? They’re alright. But dog maternity shoots? We are all over it! And they’re even more amazing when mama dog is a natural poser!

By Justine Seraphin , 14 Mar 2020

And we couldn’t have done any better when we stumbled upon this dog’s adorable photos. 

Happy accidents

Lilica  -ehem – had some fun with the neighbour’s dog and ended up getting more than she bargained for. But not to worry, her owner was fully prepared to take the pregnancy and puppies on. She was in fact so proud of her little mama to be that she organised a photoshoot for her.

She asked her friend Ana Paula Grillo to take some tasteful maternity photos of her heavily pregnant pooch, and the results are amazing.

We think Lilica may have a future in modelling!

I mean, just look at her! She’s a natural.

With a happy ending

And they got these beautiful shots just in the nick of time, as the next day, Lilica went into labour and gave birth to 5 adorable and healthy puppies, who were all adopted by family members of Lilica’s owner.

queria agradecer a oportunidade de fotografar novamente a Lilica e agora com os bebes, as donas Nilse Minussi, Ana Karolina e Laura ♥ vocês são as melhores vizinhas que poderia ter.

Posted by Anna Fotografia on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

As for Lilica, it is unknown whether she has actually pursued a career in modelling, but at least we know she has these wonderful photos to look back on fondly.

While these photos are incredibly cute, remember unplanned pregnancies can be dangerous both for the mother dog and the puppies. Best to spay and neuter if you’re not into breeding!