Parachute feeds truckers –

PARACHUTE, Colo. (KJCT) – The town of Parachute is showing their appreciation to truckers… with a hot meal.

Off of exit 75 along I-70, a community group called The Kitchen Help prepared food for truck drivers to show their appreciation. Every mom and pop business and over a thousand community members in Parachute donated to make the meal happen. When we talked with them earlier today, they were planning on feeding 300 truckers.

“In times of trouble and what we’ve been going through, we have come together—and I’m going to cry—because this community has been fabulous. The amount of love—I mean, you would not believe the thousands of dollars and hours and time—that has went into this.. It’s fantastic,” says Diana Lawrence Myer with The Kitchen Help.

Volunteers manned CB radios and stood on corners waving signs to let truck drivers know to come through.