Oh, glorious Peru: El Romerillo by Leydi Burga

Last but not least in the list of coffees procured by Courtney while visiting Peru in 2018, is the crown jewel of our selection. El Romerillo by Leydi Burga, an exceptional coffee producer whose farm is situated in Chontali, in Cajamarca. With 5 hectares dedicated to Bourbon, Caturra and Typica at an altitude of about 1800m, the flavour of her coffees blew him away. Intense tropical fruit, chewy sweetness and elegant acids Leydi Burga’s coffees shone, catching a moment in time by encapsulating the profile of the region. Her talent and her coffee are quite frankly irresistible. Which is why, we were delighted when El Romerillo was selected by Prufrock Coffee as one of three brews to be showcased at their LCF High Tea, High Coffee event at the end of March.

Showcased alongside The Coffee Collective and Wood Street Coffee, El Romerillo was paired with the final course of lavender-pear cake and chocolate-plum cake. Delicious beyond words, the combination of the sweets and high notes of yellow peach, mango, and orange blossom of the El Romerillo, created a flavour symphony resulting in delighted taste buds across the room.

Spending time in Peru, at farms and on the road, highlighted the lack of infrastructure, and allowed us to get to grips with and if anything, appreciate the sheer amount of effort, time and orchestration that goes into moving coffee from farm to dry mill not to mention approved for export.

With the often arduous and painfully slow journey, Peruvian coffee takes to get to our shores, we have triumphed. Fresh and at its best, it is time to celebrate and experience the real potential of what the glorious Peru has to offer, and thank you to the producers Saul Menor Tayca, Alberto Frias Chuquicahua and Leydi Burga. Your coffee inspires.


El Romerillo


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