Nursery offers gardening tips for dealing with summer heat – KRTV Great Falls News

GREAT FALLS — The 90-degree temperatures can take a toll on people and pets, but it also affects plants and trees.

Gardening experts at Forde Nursery say watering plants, trees, and shrubs is key during extreme heat.

They advise bringing out the gardening hose, putting it on low and letting the water sink into the ground, explained manager Sarah Kenyon: “That way the water actually gets down to the root system and the trees and shrubs can actually utilize that water.”

Forde nursery experts also say to increase and extend watering times and to be wary of wind, which can dry plants out.

One thing that helps keep trees and shrubs healthy and hydrated is mulch.

“It helps keep that moisture in so when you do water it’ll hold the moisture in a little longer than if you didn’t have the mulch around and it overall keeps that root system cool,” said Kenyon.

Kenyon says potted and porch plants need plenty of water every day: “(When) You can see the water rush out, that’s when you know it’s had a good drink,” she said.