New Seattle listing hits the market for … Beth’s Cafe? – Seattle PI


The parcel of property that Beth’s Cafe sits on has been listed.

The 24-hour diner, along with Duck Island Ale House and Aurora Lawnmower, are part of a three-parcel listing for $6,000,000.

Beth’s, which was first established in 1954 as a nickels slots gambling parlor, is known for its 24-hour service and 12-egg omelette (which has had it featured on shows like “Man vs. Food,” “World’s Best Places to Pig Out,” and the Food Network’s “Top 5 Big Breakfasts.”

And their Aurora location — right next to transit and Green Lake — is prime for development according to the listing materials, which note that “early massing studies have indicated the potential for a mixed-use development with 68 units and reduced parking requirements.

“Income from the current tenants, a diner, ale house and small motor repair shop, allows a developer to carry the property while undergoing the permitting processes or land bank for future redevelopment,” the listing continues.

But Beth’s general manager Janelle Norviel says that Beth’s isn’t going away, and certainly not overnight.

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“If somebody were to buy it right now we wouldn’t go anywhere for almost two years anyway,” Norviel said to the SeattlePI. “The absolute worst case scenario is Beth’s would move; (but) Beth’s is not going to close.”

Though Norviel said that the news came as a bit of a surprise to her on Saturday, plans to sell the location have long been in the works by Chris Dalton.

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“He and his wife for several years now have been working to sell the development,” Norviel said. “So even he didn’t know that day that the (listing would be posted). And we didn’t know how quickly it was going to blow up.”

But rest assured, 3 a.m. pancakes, 12-egg, or friendship bread will still be able to be found on Aurora for the forseeable future.

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