Multicultural Charity Concert helps to retain culture in evolving societies – New Zealand Herald

Bright colours, patterns and music filled the Arts Village as all nationalities united at the Love & Peace Multicultural Charity Concert.

Coming together as a community in love and peace was the centre of the day and people were able to make a gold coin donation for Christchurch’s Victim Support.

Pasifika drumming made many sway their hips but the crowd was invited to show just how it was done including Kuldeep Dhiman.

“It was a first for me but it is always good to be involved in other cultures.”


Hailing from India, Dhiman has always enjoyed his own cultural dance called Bhangra which originated as a folk dance celebrated during the time of the harvest.

A melting pot of cultures take part in the Love & Peace Multicultural Charity Concert. Photo / Ben Fraser
A melting pot of cultures take part in the Love & Peace Multicultural Charity Concert. Photo / Ben Fraser

“It was similar to my dancing and I found my rhythm eventually. It was fun.”

Tere Piua from the Cook Islands led the crowd together while tamariki in their newly formed group, Te Pua Inano, taught them how it’s done.

She said having the children dance was important as it was the next generation that would hold their culture.

“We’re losing our culture. The majority of our children are New Zealand born we just want to hold on to our culture and make sure it is going to be furthered on with the next generation.

“I think it is really important because that is our identity and that is what makes us a people.”

She said being born and bred in Rotorua meant Pasifika people missed home but they always found their connection again through the water.

“When we try and interpret our dance moves through swaying its the waves and the expression of our love for our culture.”

Organiser Paul Howell said although they were trying to raise funds, the main aim of the event is showing co-operation between different ethnic groups in the community, and trying to be inclusive with the Muslim community too.

Earlier in the day the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology music students, Taiko Japanese Drumming, African drumming, an African Dance mini workout with Koffie Fugah also performed.