MOON UltraLight: properly light yourself for videos and selfies

The MOON UltraLight provides 400lux lighting for your front facing camera that allows you to properly illuminate self video, pictures, etc. As it’s a pinch-on, you can also point it in the other direction if you’re so inclined.

Besides simply being another light, you can control the color temperature that it emits from 2700-5000 kelvin (warm to cool,) so you can light yourself however you need without draining battery or having to lug along a lighting rig.

The MOON UltraLight is touch controlled, and here’s where I had a problem. You have to touch left and right to turn on/off, and it seems if I use one hand to do this quite often it was registering it as light-up / light down.

This isn’t particularly a huge problem because being rechargeable if it dies, I’ll recharge it, but turning it off only reliably works with two hands for me.