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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — More than seven years ago, a local woman and her husband started a nonprofit boutique in their home. After hearing a woman speak in church about women she had worked with in Uganda who were involved in sex trafficking, the couple knew they wanted to do something to help. So they partnered with one group of women from Uganda, who had come out of sex trafficking and supported them through their business.

Now, the small shop in Harrisonburg on South Main Street, called New Creation, is celebrating five years of creatively counteracting sex trafficking with over 40 organizations.

“When you hear that term, it’s such a big scary issue that I think people want to disconnect — I know I did when I first heard of trafficking,” New Creation Co-Founding Director, Sabrina Dorman-Andrew, said, “and so we were helping market items the girls made as a way to provide for their future.”

From bags to jewelry, to clothing and candles, everything sold in the shop is either fair trade or survivor made by women coming out of human trafficking, or artisans who would be vulnerable to trafficking. Vulnerability stems from a lack of opportunity and poverty.

“If we can make sure women are empowered and employed, and have dignified work, it helps to make sure they don’t end up back into trafficking,” Dorman-Andrew said.

In the United States, the average age for someone’s entry into sex trafficking is that of a seventh-grade student. That fact, made Dorman-Andrew very passionate about making sure New Creation also works in schools, to connect students to prevention education.

New Creation helps to connect people to the issue and prides themselves on their local heart and global approach.

To join New Creation in counteracting human trafficking, you can offer your resources, donate, or shop at one of their local boutiques. The original shop is located at 3051 South Main Street in Harrisonburg, and the other is located at 165 South Main Street, Harrisonburg.

For more information on the business’ mission, you can visit their website at www.newcreationva.com

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