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Blue Bottle Cafe recalls
a baristas’ dedication

Re: “Oakland’s Blue Bottle Coffee moves roasting operations to Sacramento” (Mercurynews.com, Oct. 30):

As a coffee drinker and a Bay Area resident, I remember being excited to try Blue Bottle Coffee for the first time.

Coffee and tea had always been around me growing up, so the world of coffee has been interesting to me. One day I found myself in San Francisco within walking distance from a Blue Bottle Cafe. Following my maps on my phone, I made the journey to the cafe. The location was a bit hidden, but a trail of hipsters easily led me there.

Third-wave coffee has always felt pretentious, even as specialty coffee grows. Hearing people comparing their scales to weigh coffee makes me cringe inwardly. Still, going to Blue Bottle Cafe reminded me of the baristas’ dedication and common interest in coffee.

Amy Badrock
Santa Clara

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