Just your end of year reminder, don’t update that app & cache that map

While updating apps is generally recommended and encouraged, keep in mind near the end of the year it’s bug time. Also everyone and their dog is traveling.

As such, bugs get released and you’ve got a couple of weeks until someone’s able to fix them.

Give up updating your apps until January. Freedom! Let that version number serve as a reminder that you’re a rebel.

Cache that map of 100 miles out from anywhere you’ll reasonably be. Have a set of great holidays with apps that work like they’re supposed to and pick up with the upgrade cycle in the new year,

Pack a book, bring a charger, ignore your diet or don’t, and remember if anyone tries to tells you what you’re supposed to feel isn’t helping. Also your uncle who thinks there’s a war being raged against whatever his particular group is probably needs mental help.

Survive gleefully!

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