Just thinking about coffee can give you a boost says researchers – KTRK-TV

SAN FRANCISCO — You may not need to drink that triple espresso to experience its buzz.

Researches at the University of Toronto released a study that says just thinking about your next cup of coffee can trick your brain into experiencing the same effects as caffeine.

Scientists wanted to explore the impact of being exposed to things that remind us of coffee. They conducted four separate studies that included both coffee and tea. They found that people exposed to coffee-related cues became more alert and attentive. It’s all due to what researchers call priming, where exposure to cues about something can affect thoughts and behavior.

The research included people who grew up in both Western and Eastern cultures. Researchers say the effects of coffee cues were not as strong among people who grew up in Eastern cultures, possibly because of a greater coffee culture in Western countries.

Scientists say the study may help provide a better understanding of certain consumer-related behaviors.

The study is published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition.

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