How Would You Describe Your Current Hair and Makeup Style?

nars kalahari
Pretty much my current makeup style to a “t”

Hmm… Well, of course, the pandemic has changed almost everything in terms of how far I’ll go on a regular basis with my hair and makeup, but even before March, my hair and makeup style were growing increasingly casual. I call it more “easygoing.” I primarily wear neutrals these days (basically because they’re easier to blend than more exciting colors like bright purples and greens), with subtle variations on classic elements, like winged liner or smoky lids, and my hair is usually up in some kind of bun or ponytail/braid variation that’s purposefully a little wild with a sleek element or two.

I guess that’s one way to describe it… Mostly messy (LOL!), with pockets of smoothness here and there.

Really, I lean on the classics, but I’ll still make an occasional foray into colorful crazytown.

I actually look at old makeup pics of myself and am actually kind of astonished that I had the wherewithal to do elaborately colorful, fun looks. If I could, I’d go back in time and high-five myself for my efforts, ha ha ha!

For now though, I like my current hair and makeup style (notwithstanding the pandemic-inspired modifications and compromises).

How about you? How would you describe your current hair and makeup style?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,