HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR LIFE Best Girly Hacks To Easy Up Beauty Routine

HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR LIFE Best Girly Hacks To Easy Up Beauty Routine

Fantastic beauty tips and tricks that will help you improve your routine

Girls, today we show you some amazing beauty hacks that will help you solve all your problems in just a few minutes.
Sometimes lipsticks can make our lips feel dry and dehydrated. To prevent that from happening, apply some organic beauty oil on them, and then apply your lipstick on top.
Dandruff is something most people experience in their lives. And having a flaky scalp is nothing to be ashamed of. To help you get rid of it, take one aloe vera leaf, slice it vertically from the middle, and massage it in your scalp.
Squeaking doors can be very annoying (and terrifying), but one way to get rid of that eerie sound is with some lip balm. Apply it on the hinges of the door to fix the problem.

0:27 – Smart lipstick hack
2:12 – How to fix a torn headband
3:19 – DIY temporary tattoo
5:31 – Dye coming out of your clothes? Try this trick
7:00 – How to clean dirty shoes
8:38 – How to clean your rings

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