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Hot Toys has uploaded a teaser showing off a new collectible line. The teaser shows off darkened portraits of some characters both heroes and villains and they are all seen in their retrospective iconic vehicles from a variety of DC Universe films. From a variety of DC movies over the year like Suicide Squad, Batman Returns, and Batman Begins, these characters come to life once again. They all are seemingly in the still of their Cosbaby line figures. However, they already have Cosbaby vehicles so these could be another bobble styled statue series. This does seem like this is just the first wave of vehicles and I am sure more on the way.

The real question here is that are these necessary? The Cosbaby line isn’t the worse thing in the world but do we need more Funko styled collectibles out there? The wide demand for DC Universe collectibles is there but in more of the 1/6th scale figure realm. From teasers of Penguin and Catwoman from years ago, I think the fans want to see something more creative and well crafted like what the company is most known for. I am sure that anything from Batman Returns will sell especially with the return of Penguins duck-mobile. We will not know any more until there is an official release and you can watch the full teaser here (with screencaps below). You can all currently live and pre-orders collectibles here. Will you be picking up any of these figures from this new line?

“Based on the iconic movies from the DC Universe, the team is bringing the world’s favorite characters and their distinctive vehicles in a super cool way! Stay tuned to our brand new collectible line-up!”

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