Glazed Fairport bringing donuts to Fairport Harbor –

FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio — After moving to Fairport Harbor in late 2018, Jenny and Justin Levine noticed one thing the town lacked: a local bakery. Now, the husband-and-wife duo are preparing to fill that gap with Glazed Fairport, a donut shop opening on March 7.

“Previously we had lived in Northeast Ohio, but everywhere we’ve lived has been a little bit more commercialized, so we had everything around us,” Justin said. “When we got to Fairport Harbor, one of the first things we noticed was there was no bakery or donut shop.”

As the couple and their two children settled into town, Jenny learned how to bake donuts, bringing the sweets to school functions and club meetings. When she started receiving requests for donuts for various events, she and Justin thought of creating their own business.

At first, Glazed Fairport was based at the Levine’s home, selling donuts from the front porch. Glazed Fairport soon expanded and appeared as a pop-up at festivals like Harbor Hogs and Hot Rods and Planes, Trains and Cars in Leroy Township.

At every event, the Levines sold out of their baked good selection, which often included cinnamon rolls and baked chocolate donuts. The creations, many of which were baked from scratch, stood out from other donut chains’ sweets.

Glazed Fairport donuts come in nautical themed flavors like “Rocky Fairport Sand” (a cinnamon sugar donut with bacon and maple glaze) and “Slippery Buoy” (a chocolate donut with vanilla glaze).

Currently, Glazed Fairport uses yeast mixes for some fried donuts on the menu, but the bakery hopes to find new recipes to bake all of its offerings from scratch with fresh ingredients.

“The goal is that by the time we’re fully operational here, all of our donuts are baked and we don’t have any fried,” Justin said. “Currently our entire chocolate side is homemade donuts that are baked. The glazes are all made from scratch everyday.”

Glazed Fairport has taken over a previously empty storefront located at 202 3rd Street. It’s located a couple of blocks away from Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park.

The donut shop isn’t the only way the Levines are helping to revitalize Fairport Harbor. Justin has helped form Fairport Harbor Arts & Culture Alliance, a nonprofit organization aiming to create a beach town atmosphere and draw tourists to Fairport Harbor with unique events.

“We want to change the culture around town, change the community a bit, and make it a fun beach town where people want to come and stay and hang out and shop,” Justin said. “Having the beach be just a block away from everything, makes everything awesome.”

Glazed Fairport plans to open for business at 9 a.m. on March 7, with a grand opening celebration that day. Then, the donut shop will be open for business on Fridays and Saturdays until May, when it will expand its hours to a daily schedule, Justin said.

You can find more information about Glazed Fairport at

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