Four short links: 14 February 2020

  1. ABDCourse materials for Advanced Binary Deobfuscation by NTT Secure Platform Laboratories.
  2. Building Data Liberation InfrastructureYou can treat this as a tutorial on liberating your data from any service. I’ll be explaining some technical decisions and guidelines on: how to reliably export your data from the cloud (and other silos), locally; how to organize it for easy and fast access; how to keep it up to date without constant maintenance; how to make the infrastructure modular, so other people could use only parts they find necessary and extend it.
  3. AutoFlip — Google’s AI-powered open source tool for intelligently converting video between landscape, portrait, square, etc., dimensions. (via Google AI Blog)
  4. Reverse-Engineering the Tesla Firmware Upgrade Process — always interesting to see how other people do it, and the open questions about how Tesla’s security is implemented.