Drone Music, Stretched and Sliced – The New York Times

In late 2017, when David First announced a drone-music performance in Brooklyn, I circled the date on my calendar.

The quality of Mr. First’s music in that style was already well known, thanks to his 2010 album “Privacy Issues (droneworks 1996-2009).” So I thought I’d be hearing something like the sneakily morphing pieces on that recording — albeit with more live instrumentation on top of his usual electronics, since this performance included his latest ensemble, The Western Enisphere.

But I should have known better: Mr. First rarely works by simple addition or subtraction. Throughout the more than four decades of his career, he has jumped adroitly between styles and scenes, while reinvigorating those scenes from the inside. If his punk trio The Notekillers was little heard in late-1970s New York, its merging of guitar grind and melodic intricacy helped lay the groundwork for underground rock of the ’80s. Thurston Moore credits a Notekillers single with influencing the sound of Sonic Youth.