Comfort food at Mrs. Robinson’s Cafe – 1011now

If you are traveling through the community of Callaway in Custer County, you are in for a treat.

In the town park, you can see the oldest courthouse in Custer County. And a visit to the Seven Valleys Museum is a must. But, that will make you hungry. To satisfy your appetite, you might consider a visit to Mrs. Robinson’s cafe. It’s a hometown restaurant, where you are guaranteed to get some home cooking. “We do casseroles, our shepherd’s pie is a really popular item, our hot beef sandwiches are popular, and so is the tater tot casserole,” cafe owner Jenny Robinson said.

Robinson opened Mrs. Robinson’s Cafe in January. Jenny is from Pierce originally, but met her husband and moved to Callaway in 2011. Now in 2019, she’s hoping to put her experience with cooking to work. “My grandma used to run a food bus when we’d go to auctions. We would serve people there, so I enjoyed that,” Robinson said. “After she got tired of that, she ran a little restaurant in Pierce, Nebraska, so I helped there quite a bit.”

Along with main dishes, you can expect memorable desserts here, too. “Our jelly filled donuts are our number one seller right now,” Robinson said.

Jenny says she enjoys the people who come to her restaurant. “I like the small town, I like to have those personal relationships with my customers,” Robinson said. It’s so personal, that the regulars have their coffee cups hanging on the wall in a very orderly fashion, ready to be used. “We have to have them marked, because that is their spot,” Robinson said. “Then, when they come in the mornings, we always have the coffee ready to go. They self-serve themselves, sit down, and usually they tell me they’ll take their usual, and I know what that is.”

The restaurant also features cattle brands on the wall, as a nod to the agricultural heritage of the area. “If there’s anybody that would still like to bring their brands in, we would put more up,” Robinson said. “I would eventually like to have the entire wall full of the brands.”

The owner of Mrs. Robinson’s cafe hopes you also come in to fill up on some classic comfort food.